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    Worrying about heart

    Have been struggling with serious GAD for almost 2 years. I don't really get anxious about most things, accept my health. I'm on Zoloft and Xanax as needed. It's miserable. The main thing I think on is my heart. I'm 25 , see the doctor every 3 months, workout everyday, yet I still can't seem to get it out of my head. I've had EKGS and blood test done, and I'm told to be in perfect health. Still, everday( almost always when I lay down to go to sleep) I start freaking out and have to take a Xanax because I can feel it coming on. I had. A co worker did two years ago from a heart attack in his sleep, so I think that triggered it. But he was also 400 + pounds, and over 55 years old. But I fail to think rationally everytime I feel my heartbeat. I'm not asking for pity, but please for the love of god someone tell me that they are in my same shoes and understand what I'm going through. I hate feeling alone on this

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    You are definitely not alone. I had this a few weeks ago, luckily for me it went away after a few days but I'm scared of it coming back! I'm only 23, one day I decided to take a nap, I laid down and BOOM my heart started racing, I tried deep breathing, drinking water nothing was helping then my arm went numb and tingly, thought I was gunna die! It went on for a few hours and I told myself if it was a heart attack I'd probably be dead by now. It went on for a few days but it was worse whilst laying down trying to relax, I dreaded going to bed! But I just kept telling myself I was fine n I was just panicking and luckily *touch wood* it hasn't happened again.

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    It's really common and used to be one of my biggest fears. My dad had two heart attacks when I was a kid and then died of a heart attack at 57. The funny thing is I'm over 50 now and although I still have anxiety issues, I don't have a heart related phobia anymore. I'm sure you were deeply affected by your coworker's death. We have anxiety disorders so our minds can get very obsessive about a fear - even if irrational.

    Two thoughts are - talk to your doctor about increasing your Zoloft dose. Have you tried CBT?

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    Wow! This makes me feel better! I've tried therapy but I felt like the guy just showed me books rather than help me. My Zoloft dose is only at 100 mg though and I think my psychiatrist is working on upping it next week. I'm prescribed to ambien and only take half the dose (5 mg), but I don't like to take it because I worry about taking it. I know I'm a mess. Some days I'll feel great, when I'm thinking rational, and other days are a total wreck!

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    Hello,i dont see many posts about the heart but i have a heart phobia if thats what you call it,ever since i suffered with anxiety 10 yrs ago it stuck with me because i could always feel my heart beating and going fast with anxiety because of the anxiety it started a vicious circle,i couldnt slow my heart down,i was tuned into it,i had all heart tests they came back fine,but because i havnt had it checked for a few yrs i start worrying again, how do u cope with yours?

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    It's pretty tough for me. Working out helps a lot because you realize " if I had a heart problem, I wouldn't even be able to work out". I get a lot of chest pain and sorness, and my doc says its all natural because I get so tense in the chest worrying about it. It kinda feels like my ribs are being poked, but you have to remember that theres muscles all over your body. I try to stay super busy, it just seems to get to me the most at night and when I had way too many drinks the night before. How's your sleeping? That's one of my toughest struggles

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    After all, I know a lot of people who are under a lot of stress.

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    I had this for a long time and only until recently did I found a solution (that worked for me). About a year ago, I was on Prozac (10 mg every other day) and I woke up one night with this awful neck pain. I mean it was like a charlie horse in my neck. I got up and ran into the bathroom, because I felt nauseous. As I was running into the bathroom, I fell to my knees on the cool floor (the pain was intense) and the cool felt so good. I called for my partner to come and help me and he ran in to check. I was fine, just a little sore and shaken.

    What I'm saying in this mumbo-jumbo is that as I was 'falling' down, I realized:

    #1: If anything really serious were to happen to me health-wise, I wouldn't be able to stop it.
    #2: I can get the help I need, even if no one is near me constantly.
    #3: I am able to take care of myself.

    After laying there for awhile and then having some water and a heating pad, I returned to bed and slept the rest of the night peacefully. Later, I got off of the medication because it was causing me serious neckaches (an uncommon side effect) and I manage my anxiety naturally, but it was a good lesson to learn.

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    You are not alone....not alone...

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    Your definitely not alone on this one.
    I've forgotten how many Heart Attacks I've thought I was having. O_o



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