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    I had my first anxiety attack, or what was diagnosed as such, when I was 19, then it disappeared for awhile. I felt numb and tingly in my hands feet and a choking sensation in my throat which went away the minute I went to the E.R. It then went away for awhile.

    I'm now 24, in my second year of law school, and it's struck again for about the last year. I've had light-headedness, tingly hands and feet, a choking sensation in my throat, and alternating rapid and unusually slow heart rates, digestive problems, and bad sleep patterns for awhile now.

    I thought there was something physically wrong with me because I *feel* like I'm in a decent place emotionally (relative to when I was a teenager), but Xanax alleviates all my symptoms more or less and my heart and thyroid tests all seem normal. I've been drinking heavily for 3-4 years give or take, to help me relax and sleep, and I'm trying to back off that because I know it makes things worse, but it's proving difficult. I look forward to whining about my worries with you guys, and maybe even getting some positive advice that will help me a) stop self-medicating with alcohol, b) wean myself off the xanax/clonopin, and c) find healthy ways to deal with my symptoms and d) maybe even figure out some of their underlying causes.

    So, Hi.


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    your not alone i got the tingly sensation and numb in my hand thet say tingly any were areounf the body is come when your anxious. Its your nerves they say. I have that too since a few months it comes and goes.

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    I try to do all the right things to calm my anxiety- excersize, meditation, positive thinking etc, nothing helping me still get tingly feeling in hands, breast, plus pain in my chest. I'm so sad. Feel like I'm going crazy. Dont want to take meds don't know what to do



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