Hi all,

Visited my therapist yesterday for CBT. Felt more like a recap really. Going over how I was feeling, why anxiety was returning. Remembering not to focus on symptoms or anxiety and focus more on reassurance and acceptance. She didin't feel that taking the medication I was prescribed (Zoloft) was necessary and so i've stopped.

However I had read on a recent forum post here about dizziness and neck tension. Something I failed to link but seems very apparent to me. So I started doing neck exercises to try and relieve tension but also looked into physical therapy near where I live. I just got off the phone to her and booked an appointment for 22nd. She deals with physical and emotional issues and has success in treating anxiety, panic attacks etc.

I'm looking forward to trying this approach in all honesty. I had chiropractic work before which helped somewhat, but she sounds like she has a lot of experience and various techniques in tackling anxiety, symptoms and tensions.

I'll keep you posted on how it goes.