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    Unexplained anxiety! PLEASE HELP ME!

    Hi everyone! Ok bear with me this is kind of long but im begging you to help me, any advice of any kind would help!
    Im suffering from a bad case of anxiety attacks that I can't seem to get help with. I'm a teenager who has a great life, no money problems or anything like that. The only stress I may have is from college and jobs. I also had an allergic reaction about a year or two ago and the doctor told me if I had one again and didn't make it to help within 15 minutes my throat would close. I think this may have something to do with it because it seems like all my anxiety comes from feared medical conditions. For example, if my breathing feels weird I automatically assume that my throat is closing or if I'm having chest pains I think it's a heart attack, ect. Sometimes if it gets bad enough where I'll end up going to the hospital and sitting in my car by the emergency room because I feel like if I'm home I can die. I mean the ambulance wouldn't be able to make it to the house before I stopped breathing or my heart failed or whatever. It's really ruining my life. I'm always in constant awareness of my body, " oh, was that a flutter in my heart" , " I feel like I'm breathing weird". It's causing me to take away from what a normal person my age would do, I don't even like to exercise because my heart and breathing speed up and I'll get lightheaded and feel like I need to pass out. I've also suffered from vertigo, not sure if that's connected with anything. I get dizzy and lightheaded a lot. Someone my age shouldnt be constantly thinking I'm going to die and taking random trips ( sometimes in the middle of the night and for hours at a time) to the hospital to sit there just to ease my mind. I've tried to get on medicine before and it didn't help. Please help!! I've gone to so many doctors for conditions such as heart problems but I'm starting to wonder if it could all be linked back to anxiety. It's so aggravating!!, any advice is good advice! Thank you,m

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    Hi Nancy:

    I sent you a private e-mail. Please read it.
    Your entire problem is severe vitamin D3 deficiency !!!
    Do not forget to read my mail to you.

    Best wishes,

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    Nancy- I used to do the same thing! I would have such anxiety/panic attacks at night, but when I would try to the hospital I would feel better. I started sitting in my car in the parking lot at night for many days on end for some relief. I finally went to a psychiatrist and was put on Lexapro 20 mg and Lorazepam 3 mg. I also started going to a behavioral therapist. It made a big difference. I have the same paranoia about medical conditions. It's hypochondria. I always convince myself that I am having the severe side effects from a medicine. Once I finally able to talk to myself and rationalize saying, "You are fine. You just feel the medicine working," it started helping. When I feel panicky or anxiety I try to talk to myself about it and analyze what is making me feel yucky. Sometimes I just need a good cry and it eases the symptoms..

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    Hey I'm just 18 and I suffer from severe anxiety, depression, agrophobia, OCD and wort of all... panic attacks. I've had to leave college, school, jobs, social groups I'm involved with etc. I've lost all of my friends and my boyfriend and always argue with my mum (she doesn't understand). I've been to councellors, CBT therapists, meditation therapists, phsyciatrists, I've even tried herbal medication... nothing works!

    I feel so ill when I have panic attacks, it's almost unreal. I've been to the doctors so many times.

    I feel like it's never going to go away and I'm losing hope. I just feel I need some support in some form or another.

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    I'm only 27 and have been through the same thing. I always felt like I was dying. I stopped exercising for that same reason. It is so exhausting bc you know it's all in your mind but your body won't work with your mind it seems like! Now my problem is leaving the house! I do sometimes but it takes everything I have to do it. It's so exhausting waking up in fear everyday over NOTHING!

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    Hi nancy,

    You don't have unexplained anxiety, cuz you explained your anxiety, you have health anxiety! There is all kinds of anxiety, but still all carry symptoms, it creates a vicious circle until your reach a state of panic! You need to follow your doctors advise, and change the way you think! It takes time, and work but your worth it right? First thing you need to do is have your physical, blood work, and anything else your concerned about with your doctor! Also in the mean time learn some relaxation! On YouTube you can find the honest guys guided meditation. Practice on clearing your mind! And look up breathing techniques to calm yourself! When you start to have anxiety, and you ask yourself why am I feeling this way?, you open your mind to negative things, like is it my heart? Am I dying? And that's normal, why is it normal? Well because anxiety feels awful right? Ok so next time you feel anxiety say to yourself , this is just adrenaline running through my body, and it is not harmful! I am ok! I will continue to be ok! And breath! Long deep breaths in the nose, out the nose. Feel the air as it passes through your nose. Until you feel relaxed again! Each time a negative thought comes, quickly get rid of it! It takes practice, and effort but once you retrain your brain to believing you are OK. The anxiety will give up! I've battled anxiety for over 20 years off and on, and I won every time, and so will you! But you have to put all of you into it! You really do!

    Get well soon!




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