I am not agoraphobic but I do understand what it is like to be completely crippled fear. I used to be extraordinarily afraid of dogs until I finally broke through that seemingly impenetrable wall a number of years back. It took great courage and perseverance (in bite-sized pieces) at first but at-last I did it!
That is not why I am writing today though:
I am writing to say that in the last week my school has launched a new online service that allows anyone to learn almost any instrument (by ear) from the comfort of their homes. I strongly believe that while we work toward conquering our fears we still need to enjoy many of the pleasantries life can offer and music can definitely be one. If you have always wanted to learn an instrument for stress-relief, self accomplishment or even self expression; I would love to chat with you to see if we could work together.
I welcome any questions or inquiries you may have.

Here is my website:
spauldingschoolofmusic.com / OnlineMusicLessons.htm

Thank you for allowing me to write this. I hope my services might provide a new level of empowerment as we all journey together.