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  1. Peter Ross Anderson - A bad start and downhill from there.

    I think the problems started well before the potato got to school.
    The whole family tree seems to have issues.
    Nature vs nurture is always difficult, and Spudanus is clearly developmentally...
  2. Peter Ross Anderson - Hollywood is calling (the police)

    Potatohead likes to pretend it's an actor but just can't get the roles and likes to list the films it thinks it should have been in, regardless of how fanciful.
    Strangely never mentions this one,...
  3. Peter Ross Anderson - Potatowatch Part deux

    Well that last post, like so many of the jizzmonkey's insane diatribes got absolutely no engagement, so rather than try a fresh tack, it tried the same nonsense again in a slightly more compact form:...
  4. Peter Ross Anderson - Potatowatch Part I

    Apologies if this is a repost - I honestly can't tell sometimes as the ass-clown has been posting pretty much the same drivel for years.
    Anyhoo, down to business.

    Well, off to a cracking...
  5. Peter Ross Anderson - delusional potato

    Surely, now we have proof this is satire?
    Which part of the following sounded like encouragement?

  6. Eve of destuction.

    Weird flex, but OK. 16 months for a snappy comeback. Glad it hasn't dulled your wits.
  7. Peter Ross Anderson - Dumber than the average potato

    Correct - you are a dumb fuck, and that's why I follow you around.


    Also Spudanus:

    Fucknugget should stop harassing sex workers and just stick to talking bollocks about video...
  8. Peter Ross Anderson - two nuts short of a sack

    Thanks for the context. It seems to be a compulsion. The moron seems incapable of not posting; Even when it tries to hold back it inevitably ends up releasing a tirade of idiocy when the pent up...
  9. Peter Ross Anderson - I've seen penile chancres exude more charm

    Even by the dismally low standards of the Anderson clan (who are, let's face it, clearly paddling in the shallow end of the gene pool and can seemingly barely muster a single digit IQ between them),...
  10. Peter Ross Anderson - beyond parody

    The lack of self-awareness Spudanus displays is truly astounding sometimes.
  11. Peter Ross Anderson - Porntato

    Oh sweet baby Jesus, please god, no.

  12. Peter Ross Anderson - Sometimes it's hard to be a moron

    Poor wikkle sad potato.
    I guess being a full time fucknut just isn't the fulfilling hobby it once was for the jizzclown.
    Maybe this will be the year it finally quits the internet...?
    Perhaps a...
  13. Peter Ross Anderson - Greatest Shits Vol II

    No commentary required, really, the crazy speaks for itself.
    Let's just hope Spudanus gets all the support it needs, so that it truly can be offline more. Ideally entirely.
  14. Yes. It isn't even bothering with oblique racism...

    Yes. It isn't even bothering with oblique racism anymore - just full on 1960s style cliche racism, just like granny used to tell 'em:
  15. Peter Ross Anderson - Political hot potato

    For some reason, at this point the turdgargler seemed to think it could talk with the grown-ups and provide its well considered opinions on world affairs and, crucially, how they pertain to the main...
  16. Peter Ross Anderson - Now with free range pets

    Clearly balanitis-features hasn't been wiping up the potato salad after wanking over Barry Burton, and has consequently been attracting flatmates....

    Good to know that the Scottish taxpayers'...
  17. Peter Ross Anderson - Potato Development Disorder (No Ordinary Scumbag)

    Well, after vaguely behaving itself, Spudanus is back in full force fuckwit mode.
    I thought the highlight of the day was going to be this comically inept attempt at a vaguely death-threaty jibe:
  18. Quite. And given the absolute shower of morons...

    Quite. And given the absolute shower of morons that the rest of the clan seem to be, that's something of an achievement.
  19. Peter Ross Anderson - Senpai notice me!

    Sorry, still not James. Still don't tweet. (Is it even still called that?)
    When are you back in court again?
  20. Peter Ross Anderson - telling it like it isn't

    If it wasn't for the fact that this was posted by one of fuckface's known accounts, I'd honestly have assumed it was a parody.
    Its state of constant bewilderment at the world might be endearing if...
  21. Peter Ross Anderson - Stick it in the piggy

    You'd have thought that surely the scrotewart would be able to save up some money as a result of the sex workers blacklisting it.
    It can't have spent that much on fruit?
  22. Peter Ross Anderson - Plumbing new depths of stupid

    Still not James. If we could keep the cuntwaffle off YouTube that'd be something, but unfortunately the little goblinturd keeps resurfacing every now and then.
    The mental image of Spudanus playing...
  23. Peter Ross Anderson - the turd that won't flush

    So potatohead is quitting the internet again, and this time the fuckface really, really, really means it (could be for a whole week if we're lucky).
    So far, nothing noteworthy there, but this bit...
  24. Peter Ross Anderson is incapable of doing anything correctly

    Why the fuck would there be?
    Moron can't even post a link properly.
    There. Fixed it for you.
  25. Peter Ross Andesron - just when you think Peter has reached peak stupid....

    Thanks, that genuinely gave me a laugh. I think in the entire history of human discourse that has to be the single weakest attempt at appeal to authority that anyone has ever seen.
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