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  1. No Problem - if you haven't already done so, you...

    No Problem - if you haven't already done so, you might also want to turn off all email notifications (or just block all email from this domain) as it is mostly going to be unpleasant.
  2. No. The owners long ago lost interest. Most...

    No. The owners long ago lost interest.
    Most forums of this type are dead, though No More Panic, Anxiety Community and Depression Forums are still semi active.
  3. Peter Ross Anderson - the pot belly calling the kettle fat

    It's bizarre how, given that the fucknugget's entire exasperating existence seems to consist of being an insufferable abusive asswipe, that the cuntpotato seems to so concerned with the...
  4. Peter Ross Anderson - like a potato, but stupider

    Yes, it is truly bizarre. The moron goes on gaming forums to talk about its sexual misadventures and then goes on sex sites to talk about gaming.
    Then again, given that the idiot can't put a...
  5. Peter Ross Anderson - Just comes for the banter

    So, potatofuck has taken a break from battling low bandwith while uploading its adventures in apophenia to this week's YouTube channel, and from its perennial whining about Resdidn't Evul to...
  6. Peter Ross Anderson - Don't look bacKKK

    Dearie me.
    A lot of waffle as usual, but a couple of nuggets in this thread, ostensibly about Resdidn't Evul

    Well, quite.
    Skirting over the obvious penis gags to be had regarding milking...
  7. You're right, of course, but we can live in hope...

    You're right, of course, but we can live in hope that at least the little shitbag might one day get a hobby or something that removes it from the internet. Maybe crisp gargling, or running through...
  8. Peter Ross Anderson - Lothian Buses should be ashamed of themselves

    And yet, mere moments later, the fucknut is posting again.

    Again - an illegible black rectangle with squiggles. All that is evidence of is your utter, devastatingly jaw-dropping levels of...
  9. Peter Ross Anderson - less intelligent than a decapitated fruit fly.

    Promises, promises.
    Nobody is beneath you, you odious little tuber. There are amoeba higher on the evolutionary ladder than you.
    Have you ever bothered to look at these tiny little images you keep...
  10. Peter Ross Anderson - Sucking like a hard vacuum

    Sorry, didn't get a chance to see all the other shit you posted before you deleted it. I'm sure it was full of witty comebacks and deep insights.
  11. Peter Ross Anderson - all the brainpower of a hedgehog's fart

    I don't watch porn, and I'm definitely not going to watch porn you've sent someone.

    (Still not James) You are clearly a potato, yet you are obsessed. A paradox?


  12. Peter Ross Anderson - Don't mess with Texas

    "Romanes eunt domus"
  13. Peter Ross Anderson - Blah blah blah

    Uh huh.
    Totally not like a nutter ranting on the night bus.
    No, sireee.
  14. Peter Ross Anderson - Standing up for the oppressed cis white male potato

    So having failed to get any engagement from the incel end of the gaming demographic, Potato is having another bash at the junkies.
    It kinda reminds me of one of those nutters you get on the upper...
  15. Replies

    Peter Ross Anderson - a couple of nuts short of a scrotum

    Potato is getting properly vexed and apparently feels the need to recruit new enemies to add to 'team Gimpy':

    I mean, basic English spelling, syntax and grammar is too much for the fuckwit. I...
  16. Replies

    Peter Ross Anderson - All the sildenafil in the world can't keep Peter's post up

    Again with the tiny blurry little pictures. I almost feel sorry for this James guy, but Peter's monomania regarding him, and (quite literally) impotent rage is almost verging on infatuation.
  17. Replies

    Peter Ross Anderson - If at first you don't suck seed, give it up.

    It's a hard life, being a potato of little brain. Poor fuckface is browsing bareback these days. All these confectionary based usernames - no wonder the obese little tube is so lardy.

    I mean,...
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    Peter Ross Anderson - Oblivious Bawbag

    Looks like the NeoGAF mods finally caught up and nuked that thread, but don't worry folks. The Wayback Machine has you covered.

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    Peter Ross Anderson - TLDRing for the win

    But wait, there's more (character limits be damned!):

    Poor little potato has got itself in a right tizzy; It can't up from down, or Australia from New Zealand, or arse from elbow, or truth...
  20. Replies

    Peter Ross Anderson - Potato Pachinko

    Poor wikkle potato has its panties in a twist.
    Despite previously slagging NeoGaf, it seems to be fuckface's new go-to place to post its delusional wall-of-text whining:
  21. Peter Ross Anderson - the turd that won't flush

    So potatohead is quitting the internet again, and this time the fuckface really, really, really means it (could be for a whole week if we're lucky).
    So far, nothing noteworthy there, but this bit...
  22. Peter Ross Anderson - Still racist, still misogynist, still a psychopathic cunt

    Potatohead's latest "I'm not a racist, honest" style incoherent whining drivel:
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    Peter Ross Anderson - A pot noodle and a wank (skip the pot noodle)

    I see fuckface is back posting again: illiterate waffle and tiny, tiny thumbnails of irrelevences, as usual.
    Anyone have idea what rattled the creepy little fucker's cage this time?
    Bored with...
  24. Peter Ross Anderson - oozing apathy (well, oozing something...)

    Yes, you do, Peter.
    Yes, you do.
  25. Peter Ross Anderson - giant windbag

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