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  1. You do you, Dave, but for your own sake, maybe do it somewhere else.

    I really do hope you find whatever space you are looking for, but I would posit that this is not it.
    I strongly suggest you create your own space, that you can control as you see fit, rather than...
  2. Clearly not

    I mean, Frank is certainly all those things, but he's also almost certainly functionally illiterate.
    I suspect our new friend might be Mr DeAngelo.
  3. Poor Dave

    Things must be bad if he's coming back here.
  4. Peter Ross Anderson goes Waaah waaaah wahhhhhh!

    Some idiot keeps posting videos about me...

    It's not just women that reject Peter. Google and YouTube support spend a lot of time knocking the fucknugget back too.
  5. Peter Ross Anderson laughs in the face of edivence.

    I can't imagine why none of the local escorts want to deal with Peter? Peter seems so polite and respectful.

    (Apparently Peter is unaware of the provisions of RIPA)
  6. Peter Ross Anderson needs to take a long walk off a short pier.

    That time Peter was racist, misogynist, psychopathic, and a cunt, all at the same time:
  7. Peter Ross Anderson's Impotent Rage

    Literally impotent rage.
    Classic Peter threadjacking technique, but what was it about this spammer's post do we think attracted Peter to it, I wonder?

  8. Peter Ross Anderson - blink and it's over.

    Sorry Peter.
    Still too brief. You need to try and keep it up for more than a few seconds if you want anyone to even notice.

    I'm sure you think we're all here eagerly waiting on every...
  9. Peter Ross Anderson can't keep it up

    Aww. Peter went to all the trouble of writing a reply there (even passed the CAPTCHA - still amazes me every time that, given how stunningly stupid Peter is), only to then go and delete it before I...
  10. Peter Ross Anderson is a contumacious cuntwart

    How's that been working out for the last couple of decades? You think your name matters? The same utter lack of imagination pervades everything you do you belligerent dumbass fucker. The shit you...
  11. Peter Ross Anderson is a blight on humanity

    Does anyone know when TalkTalk are going to bring Peter a new router? I'm really enjoying not having that potato-headed wastrel jizzcrust murdering the english language with the same brutal disregard...
  12. Peter Ross Anderson's cock is embarrassed to be associated with the stupid fucknugget

    Anyhow, some more classic Peter, in which Peter feels unfairly obectified and blames women for his sexual inadequacy.

    Also, love the "I know I'm a nice guy" - said every incel ever.
  13. Tumblr not what it once was

    Dearie me. That's put me right off iced coffee.
  14. Peter Ross Anderson is online and unhinged

    I mean, it obviously is working to some extent...


    ASN AS9105 - TalkTalk Communications Limited
    Hostname 88-108-79-248.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com
    Company Tiscali UK Ltd...
  15. Peter Ross Anderson is frustrated; Can't get IT up!

    But unfortunately TalkTalk tech support are on the case, so only a temporary reprieve for the rest of us.
    Brace yourselves for more potato-headed incoherent fuckrants from the worlds stupidist...
  16. Peter Ross Anderson seems to be forgetting the terms of his release...

    Back to jail for Peter, methinks
  17. Peter Ross Anderson is incapable of making friends

    A bit mean of Peter, given edgegranny was the first person to give Peter the time of day since Ponder realised what a fucking mental cockwomble Peter is.
    Yes, on bluelight you can get advice on a...
  18. Peter Ross Anderson is an expert at getting banned

    How's that working out for Peter, do we think?

    I suppose getting banned is the closest thing Peter has to a talent.
  19. Pter Ross Anderson is thick as three short planks

    Never underestimate the stupidity Peter is capable of.
    Why do you think it likes those old games so much - it's almost certainly because the limitations of the day led to very simple character...
  20. Peter Ross Anderson has the intellectual capacity of a dead pubic louse.

    Peter being wrong never stops being funny.

    I'm genuinely curious,...
  21. Peter Ross Anderson constantly plumbs new depths of wrongness...

    The poor benighted wankbadger still can't get its head around the facts that I am not James, and only use one account on this site. It's almost as if it was going for the award for the most...
  22. Pere Ross Anderson had malice aforethought

    It's not even like it can claim it was unaware of the boundaries it was crossing, or that its advances were clearly unwanted - it said as much beforehand (and that's before you get to the actual...
  23. Peter Ross Anderson is a deluded narcisist.

    Yes, not only has it not shown 'personal' growth, it has actually regressed: At least initially it had some glimmer of a possibility that it might have done something wrong, but now it's in full...
  24. Peter Ross Anderson needs to learn how to google shit. Or just learn in general.

    That was predictably funny, wasn't it?

    Might have helped if Smeagol had bothered to google what INTJ meant, before wading in and acting its usual fuckwit self, eh?
  25. Replies

    Peter Ross Anderson is ugly all the way through

    And remember, beauty is only skin deep.
    Yes, Peter is physically repugnant, but plenty of repugnant people manage to breed - just look at its parents, or its sister (and wonder if the world would...
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