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  1. These fake thesaunderschild accounts!

    I am the real thesaunderschild
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    Hey everybody. I am the real thesaunderschild.
  3. The nipples of that backstabbing Australian bitch being burnt off.

    I am waiting for the pink box to open.
  4. The head of Gimpy in a pot of boiling oil

    I am shaking with excitement.
  5. The Pins slowly enter your eyeball Gimpy, pain lovely pain.

    I am excited to see this.
  6. Gimpy is not on IMDb. Another obvious fail.

    I have an IMDb profile, more than you have Gimpy you fat fingered arsehole.
  7. Fat cunt

    More than you will ever be. Where are you on IMDb. Nowhere you fat arsehole.
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    Die Gimpy. Die.

    Death can't come soon enough for you Gimpy. Die you arsehole.
  9. Gimpy you have to go. You have to be got rid of. Removed from the earth.

    The time is running out for you Gimpy.
  10. Head of Gimpy being crushed by the jaws of a vice until his brain oozes from his ears

    The day is not far away Gimpy, your days are numbered.
  11. Gimpy has no talent. He can't act he has no movies he is in.

    How many movies is Gimpy in where he shows his face and talks. None. Gimpy has no talent at all. Show your face you coward.
  12. Gimpy your bones will be bleached white by the sun, then crushed to dust by a hammer.

    The last days are here for you Gimpy.
  13. Gimpy. You are out of time and out of luck. Your number has been called.

    Bye Bye Gimpy. No one will miss you. Your carcass will be stripped clean by the jackals.
  14. Gimpy, you won't know what happened.

    When your head is detached and placed in a porcelain bowl on the mantelpiece over a nice hot roaring fire. We can all warm our hands while looking at you.
  15. Time for you to go Gimpy. Bye, bye.

    Gimpy, time for you to disappear from this earth.
  16. This is no game Gimpy. Your days are numbered.

    You made your bed Gimpy and now the time has come to say goodnight.
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    I am the star of the show.

    Gimpy you are very jealous of me. Show us your acting. Yes right you have none you loser.
  18. I know where you live Gimpy. I am coming after you.

    You can't hide now your days are numbered.
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    Gimpy you have to go.

    I have a plan to get you. I know who you are so it's no use hiding.
  20. Go and play on the train tracks Gimpy. You have to be got rid of.

    Regards Peter Anderson Star of the silver screen.
  21. I am back and I will never leave I love it here too much

    Fuck off all you cunts, suck it up arseholes.
  22. I am back and I will never leave I love it here too much

    Backstabbing arseholes.
  23. I am back and I will never leave I love it here too much

    Backstabbing bogan arseholes.
  24. I am back and I will never leave I love it here too much

    Bitches, cunts, arseholes, suck it.
  25. I am back and I will never leave I love it here too much

    Sucky, sucky, sucky, you bitches.
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