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    Peter Ross Anderson - a true collector

    A bit late with this news, but I see Peter has managed to add another restraining order to its ever growing collection. That we may have helped in any way makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside....
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    Peter Ross Anderson - Easily distracted.

    As a general rule I don't repost Peter unless Peter is being one, more or all of a misogynist, racist, psychopath or a cunt - which is most of the time let's face it - but I found this otherwise...
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    Peter Ross Anderson - a sitcom in the making

    And the cuntwomble has recycled that username.
    This would be funny if it wasn't so pathetic:
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    Peter Ross Anderson - it's incapable of growth

    Thanks for that - I'd not seen that account before.
    Loved this response to Peter from back in 2008 - Peter has changed so much since then:
  5. Peter Ross Anderson - potato beware the resident weevil

    An assassin might be overkill, I'd think pest control was closer to the mark.
  6. Peter Ross Anderson - Relying on recycled opinions from the incel cesspool

    Peter is clearly incapable of coming up with an opinion itself - other than nasty racist misogynist ones.
    This shouldn't surprise anyone here - Peter has been just copy-pasting the same shit for 20...
  7. Peter Ross Anderson - an asshole obsessed with your anus

    Big talk for someone so flammable.[/quote]

    All the best,
    Anxiety Forum - A Home for Those with Anxiety, Fear, or Panic Attacks[/QUOTE]

    Of course we all know how Peter is famed for its stench....
  8. Perer Ross Anderson - Fat potato head forms an echo chamber

    Talking to yourself again, Peter?
  9. Peter Ross Anderson - Soft boiled potato

    It's getting itself all mashed up!

    It's craziness.
    I think he is a representation of gluttony. Thus, the reason for him being overly plump.
    And a potato.[/quote]

    All the best,
    Anxiety Forum...
  10. Peter Ross Anderson - If we're all Gimpy, then we're all equally thesaunderschild

    It's craziness.
    I think he is a representation of gluttony. Thus, the reason for him being overly plump.
    And a potato.
  11. Peter Ross Anderson lacks any sort of imagination

    Lampshading the anachronism doesn't make it any less of one, you belligerent pigheaded moron.
    You might as well have said "If it was three centuries ago I'd have struck you with my glove"
    How the...
  12. Peter Ross Anderson - If it had a brain it might be dangerous

    A fucking dollar store Jefferey Dahmer wannabe. Thank fuck the cuntwomble can't get beyond the front door without Tania holding its dick, but as to why the cumstain isn't in prison, I just don't...
  13. Peter Ross Anderson - Poor potato priorities

    Poor potato has spent the legal fund on a dodgy PS5 so it can play with itself in its dingy flat with the missing lightbulb, and argue with strangers on the interwebs, instead of visiting Tania in...
  14. Peter Ross Anderson - just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean you're not a potato

    Nope. I'm not James.

    The real thesaunderschild and PeterAndersonFucksMarie were also created by me, but I don't intend to post with them - they were just created to mock the way you create new...
  15. Peter Ross Anderson - Incompetent and impotent

    A penis and a Rubik's cube have what in common?

    Peter needs outside assistance with both of them (and they're both smaller than you think)

  16. Peter Ross Anderson - not very bright

    1) Not mocking Tania - mocking you. Thinking isn't your strong point, is it? It isn't even a joke - the stress you have caused that woman has undoubtedly shortened her life. That's entirely on you....
  17. Peter Ross Anderson - Mother's Pride

    Peter's mum must be sick to death of the septic little cuntwomble... oh, wait, literally yes.
  18. Peter Ross Anderson - How do you make a potato go 'woof'?

    Big talk for someone so flammable.
  19. Peter Ross Anderson - one mushroom short of an omelette

    Will do.

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    Peter Ross Anderson - Afraid to leave a post up for more than 5 seconds

    Such rapier wit.
    How does the tuberous potatohead manage these cutting jibes.
    Who is James?
    Why didn't Peter quit the internet after Tokyo Game Show as promised?
    Will Peter ever learn to google...
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    Peter Ross Anderson - hoist on its own petard

    Poor Potato

    Must make a change for Peter to be the one contacting the police, rather than the other way around. Funny isn't it how Peter goes running to the police - you'd think Peter would want...
  22. Peter Ross Anderson - a valued customer

    Peter has such winsome charm. I honestly can't imagine why the agency stopped dealing with Peter, you'd have thought Peter's persuasive charisma would have won them over:
  23. Peter Ross Anderson - has a mouth like a demon's midden

    Ah, harassing the dentist too? That explains the plaque-ridden putrid maw at least:
  24. Peter Ross Anderson - Your personal growth guru

    Fucknugget moaning about James again to anyone who will (or more often won't) listen, even though James is probably blissfully unaware of Peter's existence.

    Also, fucking hell: It's almost...
  25. Peter Ross Anderson - the stranger your mother warned you about when you were small

    Also just to clear something up: Some people out there might think it was one of the support workers Peter was already stalking and sexually harassing that Peter assaulted with a bottle. In fact it...
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