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    Guten Abend Klaus, dieses elende kartoffelköpfige Arschloch ist Peter Ross Anderson; Sie sollten sich von ihm fernhalten – er ist ein missbräuchlicher, rachsüchtiger Idiot.
  2. Peter Ross Anderson - at it again

    Sexual harassment and stalking now being equivalent to being a bit peckish. What sort of fucking demented deluded nutjob thinks this is OK?
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    Peter Ross Anderson misses the mark yet again...

    Again, no.
    It's true that normally when someone is accusing someone of acting like an asshole on a forum it is directed at you, Peter, but in this case this is not; This is thread is about Dave...
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    Peter Ross Anderson is talking to itself again

    Just parroting what everyone says to Peter anyway.
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    Don't fret, Peter Ross Anderson, we've got you covered.

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    Peter Ross Anderson really does care about Dave.

    Look, bless, Peter's just looking out for Dave's best interests, I'm sure.

    And edgegranny too...
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    "Just what do you think you're doing, Dave?"

    I take it back, you're more of a chauvinist asshole than I gave you credit for. But then you are Australian, it kinda goes with the territory, doesn't it?

    Well, if you ever can bring yourself...
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    The parallels with Peter's conviction that...

    The parallels with Peter's conviction that everyone is James is amusing, I must admit.
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    "Dave, stop. Stop, will you? Stop, Dave. Will you stop Dave? Stop, Dave."

    I saw what happened: You acted like an entitled, arrogant, opinionated old fool, got moderated, didn't like it, and then threw all your toys out of the pram.

    No Dave, the difference...
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    "I am leaving, I am leaving"

    (In fairness to NMP, Dave, you threw a childish hissy fit and spammed abuse at the admin - what did you think was going to happen?)
  11. Peter Ross Anderson is nothing if not consistent....

    Nice catch. Classic Peter that. The weird one is that he then goes off on his cut-and-paste obsessive sidetracks....
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    Peter Ross Anderson - what mothers show their children to scare them into behaving

    Speaking of sick, how did you get on on Friday? I assume a no-show once they realised what you are.
  13. Peter Ross Anderson - congenitally incapable of making a true statement

    Fuck me, the moron is just obstinately thick.

    That's Peter's hobby normally. Must be annoying to be on the receiving end for a change.

    How has that been working out so far?

    Nobody wants to...
  14. Peter Ross Anderson is a stalking cuntwomble

    True that.
    Given Peter seems to consider restraining orders to be some sort of playing-hard-to-get come-on, it's really rather hard to fathom what passes for logic in that greasy potato head.
  15. No

    Peter being Peter, the cuntwomble would only fuck it up and end up an even bigger burden on the Scottish taxpayer.
    Besides I want him to live long enough to look into Tania's face on her deathbed...
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    Peter Ross Anderson - putting two and two together and getting an imaginary number

    Eh? No. What are you, a fucking pigeon? If I thought you had a gluten allergy I might give it a go, but the authorities usually take a dim view of people mailing foodstuffs.
  17. Peter Ross Anderson is a moron

    I've answered repeatedly and at length. The fact that you're too fucking stupid to understand the answer is entirely your problem Peter - but then that's your thing isn't it; ignoring what people...
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    Peter Ross Anderson - the embodiment of failure

    Oh please, yes!
    Make sure to record the call again; last time was fucking hilarious.
  19. Peter Ross Anderson - Guinness World Record attempt for stupid

    Not James.
    Wasn't James yesterday.
    Won't be James tomorrow.

    You, on the other hand are a stupid wretched fucknugget.
    You were a stupid wretched fucknugget yesterday.
    You will be a stupid...
  20. It's Ross Anderson I feel sorry for.

    Top bloke. Some excellent research out of his team.
  21. Peter Ross Anderson - forever alone

    Sucks to be you then.
  22. Peter Ross Anderson - exploring brave new depths of stupidity

    And Ponder thinks all these accounts are you (but only because he's a credulous old fool, and credits you with far too much skill).

    It's like watching dogs try to understand rocket science round...
  23. Peter Ross Anderson is a pathetic little cunt

    I don't think Peter has even a vague concept of having to earn a living, so the notion that people might have to do things they don't enjoy (like talking to Peter) is beyond the fuckstain's feeble...
  24. Peter Ross Anderson: It's not just Peter that is slow...

    Get back to watching porn, veeeery slooooowlllllyyyyyy.....
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    You don't have any film parts you cretinous fucknugget; You've scraped an extra job in an actual film once (literally a fucking moving prop).
    As I've explained to you repeatedly my only interest is...
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