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    What is sadder than a troll? A troll without...

    What is sadder than a troll?

    A troll without an audience.

    Pedro, how's the dump truck going these days? Is it making life more bearable or what?
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    That's not what happened Pedro - What happened...

    That's not what happened Pedro - What happened was I gave them what they wanted after they muzzled me. Big Difference.

    The difference between you and I, being that your alienation is in direct...
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    No More Panic Banned Me

    Was only a matter of time. I write about it later. Currently got the flu ... but looking forwards to regaining my strength and starting all over gain. Move on over Pedro. Time for you to get back...
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    I'm glad you agree. Looks like we are done?

    I'm glad you agree. Looks like we are done?
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    Oh I have indeed left. My Journal is now some...

    Oh I have indeed left. My Journal is now some place else.

    I am just in discussion with yourself to which by your own admission are clearly ignoring as it pains you to hear the truth.

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    I've already left. What you obviously don't seem...

    I've already left. What you obviously don't seem to realise is that there is nobody here. You pushed them all away with your spamming, offensive images and general well being. This forum now only...
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    Just to set that record straight, It's not about...

    Just to set that record straight, It's not about what others think. That said I have had many good a conversation with more than enough genuine people. Many of whom have PMed to share their...
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    Pedro: Special Message For You

    Keep yelling and screaming as long as you need.

    Your on your own now.

    All the best.

    ~ Ponder.

    PS - Thank you. The new space is so much more inspiring.
  9. Day 11

    I tried Gypsy :) - You can find me by the link in my avatar. It's time to accept and move on.

    Peace Out.
  10. DAY TEN: Karma Got Me

    My wife says Karma got me although I don't think of karma in the same way as my wife does. I'm kind of glad my friend did not end up with the PC issue that has lead me to this post. Not that he...
  11. DAY 9 Comes To A Close

    Nine days in with ten about to click over. I've done well. Congrats to me! I'm not eating super clean but I am eating clean. No caffeine at all. Just herbal teas and most of them without any...
  12. Day 8

    Day 8 and still on track with clean eating. Very busy researching how to get the most out of my refund. I've decided to do a PC build but at less than half the cost of the laptop refunded which...
  13. This one is crying out for a new pot: ...

    This one is crying out for a new pot:


    An example of cheap stands - retro arcade gaming seat and rotting wooden table top. I'll...
  14. Cont ... I will just spam the next two page with...

    Cont ... I will just spam the next two page with another 7 images with brief comments on what changes I may make in the near future. Fact is many of these plants are expensive to buy even when much...
  15. Potted Outdoor Garden Update ... cont

    Cont ... I just noticed the need to high pressure hose closer to the exit door but have held off due to the amount of rain we have had, soil down the side of concrete flooring along wooden fence...
  16. DAY SEVEN - My Outdoor Potted Garden: Update

    Please do excuse my odd sock. Will cut another piece of curtain to match like on the right side. Just never got around to it but will by today's end
  17. Day Six Evening - Cost of Food Continues to Rise

    Day Six comes to a close. Had a reasonably good day. Helped support a friend at a Mental Health Meeting (ITO) ... Got a little sun by the ocean and stuck to eating clean.

    I'm continuing to binge...
  18. Day six

    Morning focus - Ironically feel like starting to pick/play either a new (one I own) or an older game as a distraction. A distraction from the cravings and to help staying the course re time it takes...
  19. Day five

    Still on track. Well done for that. Got to say it's pretty sad logging into AF these days given the psychosis taking place in the background. I don't think there is anything any of us can do...
  20. cont ... (typos and not well constructed ... too...

    cont ... (typos and not well constructed ... too tired)

    Is the same with my own writings and why I mainly try to speak to myself when reflecting as deep as I do. It's just hard having to relive...
  21. Day Four: Evening ... ZZZZzzzz I guess the self...

    Day Four: Evening ... ZZZZzzzz I guess the self reflection can also be a distraction in itself. It was a hard day not giving in to my cravings. I can't say I have nailed portion control but I am...
  22. DAY FOUR - Purpose Is The Telescope Where Meaning is Lost Via The Looking/Seeking

    You Purpose In Life! The Devine Purpose!!! ... glossed with counter articles/authors/egos that speak of such things as no more than distractions keeping us from Fulfilling!!! ... which for many...
  23. Day three

    Today is a bit of a struggle so will keep it short. I said yes to community support yesterday, then climbed the walls last night, then emailed this morning to call it off. I think my previous post...
  24. End of Day Two

    Still on course. Headaches not quite so bad yet. Perhaps too many distractions and drinking more water than last time is helping more this time around.

    Will save the days summery on my game plan...
  25. Day Two ( ͡> ͜ʖ ͡

    Todays Background Music → Positive JAZZ - Morning Music To Start The Day ←

    Highlights for today: Fortnightly Therapist Home Visit and meeting new prospective support person. I've put off opening...
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