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  1. my breathing troubles with anxiety and asthma

    so i have decided to put everything on here in the hope of looking for help and advice. So ten years ago i had a mental break down and bad anxiety developed and around the same time i was told i had...
  2. so sick of this feeling of i cant breath properly

    Hi all, so this has been a big issue of mine on and of for the last 6 years. But now its driving me mad, i have asthma or so i am told i do but that started the same time as my break down 10 yrs ago...
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    mainly just the tightness in my throat its really...

    mainly just the tightness in my throat its really hard to describe. like i never really gasp for air and my asthma peak flow is alays pretty much the same its so odd
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    how are symptoms there constantly??

    I know with anxiety you can feel symptoms etc but how can they be there constantly? I have had shortness and breath on and of for about 6 yrs or so now but it comes in waves where its there all day...
  5. shouldnt of read that sertraline article

    So i have been on sertraline for at least 2 yrs now and i read an article in the sun newspaper (uk daily newspaper) and it said that sertraline could be linked to heart issues, and well my biggest...
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    shortness of breath and lifestyle

    people will probably start to get fed up with me posting about this, i am if im honest lol but its still there after months

    I do have asthma or so im told, my peak flow is really good and is...
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    hows everyone doing with there symptoms

    just seeing how everyone is doing lately with there symptoms etc and if anyone has any new tips on how they manage this?
    I have started going to the gym and yoga to try and challenge how i feel,...
  8. at my whits end with shortness of breath feeling

    Hi everyone, so for the last few months everyday i have had the feeling of shortness of breath its like i feel like i cant get that full satisfying breath. I try to do this even when i am just sat...
  9. ill try and describe my shortness of breath as best i can

    right so, everyday my throat feels tight sore and i dont know if anyone will understand this reference but you know if you stay up late laughing way to much and you get that feel in your throat like...
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    anxiety and asthma update

    so i have been challenging my thoughts that my breathing is shot, i have started to do some skipping at home. Today i did 4 mins of straight skipping, i dont know if thats a good time or not but my...
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    thanks for your advice. ponder- what food is...

    thanks for your advice. ponder- what food is classed as anti inflommatory
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    no i didnt kno that, how so?

    no i didnt kno that, how so?
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    anxiety and asthma driving me crazy

    For weeks i have felt like my throat is tight and i cant breath properly, i have seen a couple different doctors and all have said its my anxiety and asthma working against me. When one starts they...
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    salt pipe for asthma and throat issues

    I have read up about these before and have heard they help not cure things, so i went in to my local health shop yesterday and had a chat with the lady in there and she recommended the salt pipe...
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    anxiety and asthma

    its driving me insane if you saw me you wouldnt think i look like i feel breathless, its almost like that throat feeling when your up all night laughing and you get that wheezy tight throat if that...
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    breathing issues, deep breaths

    Even when I'm sat down I feel like I need to fill big deep breaths and sometimes I can't and it worries me. But why would I need big deep breaths if I'm just sat watching TV?? Is trying to take these...
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    please read, chest aches and pains

    Hi all so for around about 7 years i have had chest aches and pains and in that time i have had numerous blood tests and a couple ecgs all of which was normal. I have also been to the doctors...
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    shortness of breath back again

    Hello, just wanted some advice really. last two weeks or so ive had shortess of breath back again, my oxygen is ok and my heart and lungs have been listened to and both are fine also my peakflow is...
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    feel bloated all the time

    hi all
    for the last few days i have been feeling bloated everyday like there is a bubble in my stomach that needs to pop but my belly isnt hard
    anyone get this?
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    mucus and feeling sick

    hello everyone

    i was wondering if anyone has felt sick due to mucus stuck in the throat?
    i have had a cold bug for the last couple weeks and have got mucus stuck in my throat and a bit of stomach...
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