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    Picked up a crocodile bag.
    Peter A.
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    peter smells really bad.
    Peter A.
  3. petersmells

    peter smalls awful.

    Peter A.
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    The foreskin fights back.

    Basically, I'm a beginner (with limited experience) in the indie film industry who hopes to one day get a line in a feature film, but I'm also happy just being an extra as well, but I know most...
  5. I am still waiting for birthday cards. Where are they?

    ............................... Peter A.
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    I am an Interplant thing.

    ....................... Peter A.
  7. The Dulvey Saga the Foreskin rides into town. A film by Peter Anderson, Edlinblog SCT

    Starring Peter the Fat. Filmed at Edlinblod Studios just a bus ride away.
    AKA always in jail.
  8. How would you rate Mistressscarlet.net?

    “Very pompous...”

    She and her sub LadyBellaBird or thelilprincessa (AKA Jodie Matheson, from Glasgow) are very abusive, especially towards men. They get other people online to dox you or post...
  9. That Australia bogan. What films have you been in? Eh!

    He constantly slanders me on this dead anxiety support forum, calling me a SO and shit, yet there has never been any documentation to say I am one.
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    Yes it is YOU! I know it's YOU!

    There's a person in Perth who pesters me online a lot, having been obsessively bothering me for 7 years. I didn't want to cough up the cash to get him dealt with, as they charge steep hourly rates....
  11. Which one of you assholes is it who sends my privatel details to directors and police

    C'mon out yourself. I know it's you.
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    The Foreskin Bankrupt.

    As much as I'd love to see mum get justice (as she would have did it for my family and I), my younger sister cut me off in October. She has the proof, and knows more about the situation than I do....
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    The Foreskin Sneezes.

    Well, I was still considering legal action against James, but it's a lot of hassle because I'm in Scotland. Talking to Australians on a phone is hard as my accent is very heavy. The men all sound...
  14. The foreskin has finally come home to roost.

    Well, I made a thread on techist.com about this, but nobody has responded on there thus far. Which isn't all that surprising, with how dead forums are in 2023. So what about the likes of Discord?
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    Ahoy Landlubbers.

    I'm packing my foreskin and sailing to Australia. That Gimpy is going to walk the plank.
  16. The Foreskin Trilogy. The lost glasses.

    Oh, I don't like the winter. Soft fluffy snow is fine. It's when it hardens and becomes slippery ice. In January, I fell up the road and lost my glasses. I could have seriously hurt myself as I...
  17. That's it. I'm done with forums. I'm pretty much throwing in the towel now.

    That's virtually all the gaming forums I go on, practically dead. Nobody responds to my threads that often anymore. This isn't really a recent revelation either. It has been this way for years now. I...
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    I couldn't even find voluntary work as a film extra over the last several years, because of people being idiots, my lawyer being useless, and whatnot.

    One day, I just said to myself that I am...
  19. My name is Peter and I come from a family of inbred loons.

    All of us are weird and strange looking.
  20. My name is Peter Anderson known as thesaunderschild and the incell loon.

    Some folk say I'm a freak.
  21. I poked my finger up my sisters bum today.

    It was warm She giggled and said stop it Peter.
  22. I have no friends online or offline. No one likes me at all.

    This is true.
  23. The folk at DREMONDEMON call me a freak!

    Now that's not very nice is it? I'm going to be done with them anyhow very soon. They are all losers.
  24. The folk at JAYFREAK are not worthy of my time.

    Not much more you can say. Apart from I'll be leaving there soon along with the internet. I'm going to get a life and a girlfriend.
  25. Soon, I will be ditching my accounts and pseudonyms online

    Soon, I will be ditching my accounts and pseudonyms online, and possibly getting new aliases. Although to be honest, I don't find forums are especially brilliant these days. Not many folk use them...
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