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  1. Peter Ross Anderson - Fixated on regions down under

    Of course it is. Sorry, how remiss of me.
    We wouldn't want people missing out on the contributions of your corpus to the forwarding of human knowledge such as I've always wanted to shag an...
  2. Here we go:...

    Here we go:

    (needs a much longer piece of music though)
  3. Peter Ross Anderson - I think this might be 'peak Peter'

    I can almost see this as the Star Wars opening text crawl - it has as much bearing on reality.
    As usual, Peter is just a passive victim in all this.
    I particularly like the distancing quotes around...
  4. Peter Ross Anderson - more socks than Primark

    "Guest" isn't a username, you benighted cuntcheese.
    I was unaware of "Guitar licks" before our friend above linked to your escapades on legalbeagles, but it looks like that account is already gone,...
  5. Peter Ross Anderson - dressed for the future.

    The hideous potato already dressed in prison orange, I see.
    At least the twat has managed to put it on the right way round in this picture.
  6. Peter Ross Anderson - Failing to rise to the task, yet again

    What the fuck is this, a 1950s sitcom?
    Watching Peter try to be witty is like watching a dog trying to do quantum physics....

    Peter, you're literally an incel shut-in with erectile...
  7. Peter Ross Anderson - It's a hard life

    It must be hard for Peter, having everybody hating the hideous cuntflap.
    Even 'little peter' needs to be coerced.

    Poor Peter.
  8. Peter Ross Anderson - Shit off from the world

    Don't worry about Peter though.
    Peter is the big tough muscle hero type, like Rambo.
  9. Peter Ross Anderson - clearly misses prison.

    Peter, breaching the terms of your release again...

    Yes Peter.
    You should definitely stay away from women.
    I'm pretty sure the police have made that point clear several times.
    Are your...
  10. Replies

    Peter Ross Anderson - truly, madly, deeply, in love with Peter

    The delusional captions raise it from just creepy to creepy comedy gold - thanks for that. Not sure I'll sleep well tonight though.
  11. Peter Ross Anderson - the zero of its own narrative

    Peter, you fucknut, you do realise Zeus and John were the hero protagonists of that movie?
    What exactly do you think that makes you in that simile?...
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    Peter Ross Anderson - like the shit dangling from a hagfish's arse

    Yes Peter, nefarious - and wicked, evil, vile, foul, abominable, reprehensible, hateful, detestable, despicable, odious, contemptible, horrible, heinous, and execrable to boot.
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    Peter Ross Anderson - A face not even a mother could love

    Fucking hell - It's like a creepy little shrine to Peter's delusions.
    That photo makes Peter look even more like a sex pest than usual, and that's the one the demented potato chose for its vanity...
  14. Peter Ross Anderson: still racist, still misogynist, still psychopathic, still a cunt

    I thought we were all James?
    Are we no longer all James?
    I failed to get that memo.
    Have we all moved to the US now?
    That might explain why I'm so tired.
  15. Peter Ross Anderson - "once you put it on the internet, that's it published"

    And it's still up there - along with other films Peter has stolen over the years (Like Night Closes, Redcon-1, Waves Crash, etc.). Peter seems particularly to like propagating Night Closes, but...
  16. Peter Ross Anderson - The twat in the hat

    That sounds about right.
    Getting Peter involved in your project is pretty much a sure-fire way to get harassed, abused, slandered, your IMDb pages polluted, and your film pirated - somewhat ironic,...
  17. Weirdly, Peter looks better like that. Obviously...

    Weirdly, Peter looks better like that. Obviously Peter's natural environment.
  18. Peter Ross Anderson - Dressed to ill

    Probably had to raid the production's costume department (or lost and found box) to get something vaguely presentable to wear for the photo.
    Clearly the shirt is some Tesco Value job, straight out...
  19. Peter Ross Anderson - always being cut

    Lol. "featured". Another word that doesn't mean what you think it means. Fucking hell Peter, that polythene packaging in the foreground has more screen time and presence than you do.
  20. Peter Ross Anderson - forever a loon.

    What I like most about this photo is all the layers of symbolism.
    Peter has uploaded and named the photograph as though Peter's presence was important, when it clearly isn't - just like the crazy...
  21. [email protected] uploads

    And while you're trawling the Internet Archive, don't forget this photo, of which Peter is clearly the primary subject of interest.

  22. Possibly the most flattering (or least awful?)...

    Possibly the most flattering (or least awful?) photo of Peter that's out there. Always found the choice of the "Men at Work" t-shirt highly amusing, given as how Peter has failed to qualify as the...
  23. Peter Ross Anderson - Cry me a river

    The gift that keeps on giving. Thanks, yet again.
    The lack of self awareness is just staggering. I'm still convinced that 99% of the shit Peter says is just regurgitated verbatim from what social...
  24. Peter Ross Anderson - Metacognition is for other people

    Yup. And it's not just some heat-of-the-moment crazy. The demented potato has taken the time to record this, and then upload it to YouTube - which at Peter's paltry broadband rate must have taken...
  25. Peter Ross Anderson - Y O Y?

    Because every time Peter does something, it makes people exclaim "Why!?!".
    (I'm assuming the fuckwit has it linked to a Yahoo! account)
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