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  1. "Peter Ross Anderson - Today 07:57 AM
    As part of your mystical edivence, you claim you have sum allaby for not having IDs. "
    What the fuck is an "allaby"? A wallaby with a speech impediment?
  2. "Peter Ross Anderson - Yesterday 05:09 PM
    These accounts and shit do seem like your type of handiwork. You wouldn't be lying about that, would you? Nobody likes a liar. "
    Not me. You're right about nobody liking a liar, though - that's why you're alone.
  3. "Peter Ross Anderson - Today 01:39 PM
    When you're really nae ha nah...

    But you're coming across as yeah he yes!

    Ya the champ.

    Peter Ross Anderson - Today 01:28 PM
    You're missing all the fun. "

    So Peter, I see you're making new friends, with your usual mix of charm and finesse.
  4. "The Scottish Pedro - Today 07:39 PM
    Guess who's a WAnker? Ha. That's yourself!

    The Scottish Pedro - 11-22-2022 06:37 PM
    This message has been deleted by The Scottish Pedro."

    Talking to yourself again, Peter?
  5. It's not me, It's you.

    Dearest JamesBerichAussieDick
    I'm sorry, but I don't think we can be friends.
    I will have to leave you (like everyone else in your 'life').
    I had hoped we could make things work, but I see now you were just preying on my na´vetÚ and good will.
    Besides, I'm in Europe, and you're all the way over there in Australia; These long distance relationships rarely work (despite what they might think on Lovingfromadistance.com).
    I found it really flattering at first - especially the way you tried to imitate me, and help me with my chores, but I see now that it can never work. I'm not just saying that because you're a monumentally evil psycho, but also because you are clearly a potato.
    All the very best for the future,
    (P.S. I would have sent this as a private message, to save you embarassment, but I can see you're not receptive at the moment - ironic as you are clearly a bottom)
  6. "JamesBerichAussieDick - Today 06:17 AM
    Where's JamesBerichAussieDick in your list of aliases? "
    Stuck in your craw and making you gag, by the sounds of it.
  7. "The Scottish Pedro - Today 09:19 AM
    A mere selection!? ROFL."

    These are the only ones of which the news has come to Harvard
    And there may be many others but they haven't been discovered
  8. "The Scottish Pedro - Today 10:06 AM
    You put John Rambo twice."

    Well it is such a very long list!
    You've actually done one useful thing in your life.
  9. While you're here, admiring my page, any updates on the mythical "Edivence"? Has Murray looked down the back of the sofa?
    It's such a shame electronic data can't be copied, eh, then it wouldn't have mattered if Murray had lost it, you could just give it to him again.
    And again...
    And again...
    And again...
  10. Not really getting the hang of this whole 'ignoring' thing, are you, potatoface?
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About PeterAndersonIsARacist

Basic Information

Date of Birth
January 26, 1986 (36)
About PeterAndersonIsARacist
Not all Peter Andersons, obviously.
Peter Ross Anderson
2/6 Greendykes house, Greendykes Rd, Edinburgh EH16 4JJ

Spawned 26/01/1986

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Also known as (and this is a mere selection of the ridiculous number of aliases):

Aniseed Toffee
Bag of Seeds
Boards Fight Back
Caffeine Addict
Candy Stick
Chocolate Milk
Crystal vase
Cwaazy P3nguin
Da Lonely 1
Deer Rest FOA
Draw on the fire!
Ex-Deputy So & So
Grace Saunders
Green Shield
Gold MD
Gun Shop Kendo
H.G. Fan
Health Drink
Highland Spring
Hunter Hunted
John Rambo
John Roe
Johnny Mnemonic
Kaffeine Monsta
Kyle Laurie
Mentals Fan 4 Lyfe
Milky Way Magic Stars
Mister Eye
Oh Range Deuce
Paul Lee
Peter A
Peter Film Fan
Peter SC
Plane N Sim Pill
Raisin Teh Steaks
Rambo was a pussy!
Re Beck Ah Chambers
Rebecca Chambers
Rice Pudding
Shield Key
5wiits 4 Ma 5wiit
The Non Romero Zombie
The Saunders child
The Scottish Pedro
The Tickle Pig
thesaunderschild _
Tommy Walls
White Rock
Yahoo Answers

Even Peter struggles to keep track of so many pseudonyms though, and has started reverting many of them to variations of "thesaunderschild" as part of Peter's fetish to identify as a badly rendered 8 year old girl (Grace Saunders, from Alone in the Dark).
Ultimately it doesn't really matter which pseudonym he uses as he's instantly recognisable having been effectively copy-pasting the same bullshit long-winded rants for years. (Hilariously there are bots that scrape forums for material and post it on other forums, so the hard part is not figuring out "did fuckface write this?", it's trying to figure out "did fuckface write this somewhere else and a bot copied it here?". You can't always tell until someone replies to the post (and so very rarely does anyone reply to the post) or he threadjacks someone else's topic...

Are you a forum administrator?
Did Peter send you to this page as 'edivence' that some random user on your site was supposedly an Australian called James? Did Peter ask you to ban said user, just on Peter's say-so?
Better yet, did Peter ask you to take action regarding someone else's website?
I am not Australian, and I am not called James, and I'm almost certainly not the user Peter has complained about on your site.
I can't rule out that the user Peter has targeted may well be a troll, but is more likely to be just some random user - maybe see how they behave and make your own mind up, rather than acting as a proxy for a psychopath?

Peter on the other hand is a mentally ill, obsessive, violent convicted criminal with long, long record - including charges of assault and harassment (including common, racial and sexual) and is a a dangerous and deeply nasty excuse for a human.
Peter currently has about 6 or 7 (I lose track) active non-harassment orders for various people, which Peter has a history of breaching, and is on release subject to a supervision order (which Peter is also not complying with).
If Peter is a regular user on your boards you might want to keep a careful eye on what the fucker is up to.
If Peter thinks there is any slack or leeway in the moderation, Peter will use your forum as a platform from which to further harass people - including previous victims - directly but also likely to be by recruiting others to act on Peter's behalf.

You will probably completely ignore this warning, but later, when it all comes to pass, just remember: "I told you so".
Edinburgh, Scotland
Misogynist rants, racist rants, doxxing, harassing people, assault, generally being a cuntwomble
Getting arrested, making YouTube videos then deleting them.


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