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Conversation Between PanicCured and Ankur Bansal

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  1. hii paniccured how are you ? you see i am quite desperate to talk to you . Thats why i have throwing messages all over you .sorry but i really need to talk to you .I am not spam .I am from india .
  2. hii paniccured how are you ? i am following your quick guide to stop panic attacks and been doing pretty good. i got my first full blown panic attack 6 months before which started all of this .after that i got two very very mild attacks on an interval of 1 month .i followed your guide and they come and go just like a wave of fear .recently about 3 weeks ago i was in hotel with my friends .Suddenly i feel like panic attack is coming .i followed your guide and it didn't come actually .I am very happy at this .I think your guide is working amazingly .I have loads of confidence in me.i want to talk to you more .reply plz
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