View Full Version : feel realy ill

12-04-2011, 08:44 AM
i dont know if it is the anxiety or because i stoped the sertraline tablets but i feel really out of it my heads all muzzy should i start the tablets again i only took 3 50mg and then stoped them because i do not like taking tablets

12-05-2011, 07:47 PM
Any ssri(as zoloft is) can cause you to feel a bit "off". Maybe you could (1) drop to 25 mg(if they're scored tablets) just for a few days. The go back to 50mg once you feel more normal. Or again, if they're tablets, you could(2) split them at their score line and take 25 mg in the AM and 25 mg at dinner(for a total of the 50mg daily). Stopping after 3 doses will not likely cause much in the way of any discontinuation syndrome. More likely just the side effects that sometimes come with them have just taken a few doses to show up. They usually go away in a week or so. If it were me, I'd first try #2 and then get an OK from the dr. to go to 25 mgs for a week or so if that doesn't help. Just my opinion. Been on a few different ssri's since 1992 and they have helped. Message me any time.