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04-04-2006, 08:39 PM
Okay something that seems to be standing out when reading previous posts/discussions - that I was previously unaware of is (and let me know what you think) that even before I became agoraphobic - there were signs that were evident that I was heading in that direction. In other words there are common things we seem to have experienced prior to suffering major panick attacks.

When I was a child/teenager/young adult I suffered from miagranes alot. I was very shy. I absolutely hated and feared standing up or voicing responses (that everyone could hear) in front of the class. I didn't want to be noticed or judged (or I felt that I would be). I had hot flushes alot (my face and neck would go really bright red if people that I was not close too spoke or looked at me). Lying in bed the room would spin around me quite quickly so that I would have to sit up.

When I grew up I became more confident and less shy. I saw a Doctor about my hot flushes but he did not know the cause. Same goes with the spinning bed.

Agoraphobia, panick attacks, or anxiety (what ever you want to call it) runs in my family. So why didn't anyone pick up on that?
It astounds me now, that if these were obvious signs as to what was going to happen to me next, perhaps I could have been warned or better prepared for it.

After "it" happened, I was told that a major event/change in your life can bring it on. Back then it was having my ears pinned back - since then I have had my wisdom teeth out, a laproscopy and given birth to two boys - these are all major events/ changes in my life but did not make my agoraphobia rear it's head. But this time (some 15 years later) here it is as ugly as ever and all I can think it could possibly be started from is our after xmas drive to Townsville and back (which was sooooo stressful for me) it took us 3/4 days with overnight stops- and now finding that my grandmother (who we visited) has now be diagnosed with bowell cancer, and just this week that my aunty who lives in Townsville has lung cancer, and my great uncle may have cancer as well. They say bad things come in threes. So all this devastating news is probably not helping right?

So do you guys think that us agoraphobic folk, also have common pre-agoraphobic dispositions?