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02-20-2006, 01:55 PM
so here it is i have beenin takin lexapro for a week and a half and my anxiety has sykrocketed every symptom i had was ten fold worse so i decided this isn't worth waitin a month or two to see if i get any relief especially if its such a low dose so i decided to stop i've tried paxil and effexor no progess this my 3rd and its gettin old real fast i think i'm gonna try without for a little while maybe with a benzo here and there to see if i can work through myself thanks for lettin me vent let me know if anybody else had any bad stories bout meds

02-20-2006, 09:04 PM
Hi Leftie - I'm so sorry to hear about the Lexopro, and the others. What type of benzo do you take. I take Klonopin, really helps. I also take Paxil, well a form of Paxil - Pexeva 60mgs. I didn't like PaxilCr; it made me groggy. Regular Paxil didn't but I couldn't get it cause of insurance. The Pexeva, for me, feels just like the regular paxil, thank god, cause I cannot be without it.

Were you taking a benzo while trying the Lexopro? Which Paxil did you try and for how long if I may ask?

Take it easy,


02-21-2006, 09:34 AM
Dood that sux! Iam sorry 2 hear ur meds aint workin. What does ur doc say? I finally went to see a doc. He told me that he could prescribe me sumthin but I said I would have to think about it. Cos idont want whats happin 2 u 2 happen 2 me u kno. But my doc also thinks it could be more then anxitey which was excatllay what i was afraid of. Like I told him about how I would never would like hurt ne 1 but like sometimes i think about wut if..he said thats not from anxitey but told me not worry...but i do u kno...he told me 2 think about meds. but I am not sure man esp. after reading wut ur going threw this stuff stinks!

02-21-2006, 02:48 PM
hey guys thanx for the info soshy i'm also on klonipins they defentily work for me i gotta appointment tomorro to talk bout it some more with the doc i'm hopin just to take a benzo once and a while to cope for the bad times and bob i don't know what your doctor is telling you but it seems they ust seem to freak you out more i asked my doc bout they whole being scared to hurt someone even tho i'm not that type of person he told me its ust anxiety and i know that because i only started to worry about after my anxiety kicked back up and i read sum stupid thing but i know and my doctor even reassured me that the problem isn't hurtin somebody it s losing control of yourself and feel like you can't help but its actually a common anxiety symptom feeling like your losing control and of course you can't help but worry about the what ifs it wouldn't be anxiety without them so hang in there man and you kno or not if yoiur that type of person and think about if you were you wouldn't be talking about it would ya people who do shit like that don't say anything they just do it so i wouldn't worry i've finally started to cdalm down off that thought because i'm not stupid just gotta use common sense god luck man