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02-15-2006, 04:42 AM
A few months back i went to a BBQ and i was really nervous i did know one of the people there and my boyf was there too, but as soon as i got there i just felt so scared and alone, i ended up being sick in the toilets and then telling my boyf i wanted to go home, although this does not happen to me much i wondered if anyone else could understand this, i tend not to put myself in situations where i wont know anyone as it makes me feel uncomfortable or going to posh shops as i feel paranoid, i also got really upset that no one at work liked me and kept thinking that they were all talking about me even though i am sure that is not the case ..!

Am i just going nuttso here or is this just a sign that i perhaps have social anxiety too ?

Can you have more than one type?

02-15-2006, 01:49 PM
hey bobo i was diagonosed with social anxiety years ago i always had problems like that especially at skool but i found out if you tend to have anxiety in other places not just social situations then its more likly general anxiety i know went to the docs couple months ago to get re-evaluted and he told me it wasn't social it was general its normal to be a lil anxious round people you don't know but in our case we just have to much anx so it makes us wonder alot i wouldn't put yourself through to much pain ova just know your fine now when i'm in one of those situations i tend to listen to people not even talk just listen and most times you'll start to feel more comfy because you know people are thinkin bout others things and not worry bout u makes me feel a little calmer but good luck and don't eva second guess yourself if you wanna do sumthin do it its your life not your qanxiety so live it how you want good luck and have a good day your bud leftie

02-15-2006, 02:20 PM
Hey Littlebobo - I agree with Leftie. We all have anxiety/panic attacks. Myself however, have Social Phobia. I'm so much better now. I think though that if someone is having an episode of anxiety and they are going to a social event, it can be hard to feel comfortable because of the anxiety.

For me, social situations trigger my anxiety. I have a specific fear along with my panic attacks. I'd rather it be snakes, but it's people. I can go into crowds because you can get lost in a crowd so to speak. As you mentioned, a BBQ would be very difficult for me because it's more intimate and as a social phobic I have an extreme fear of feeling judged or scrutinized. This phobia use to be debilitating for me. I couldn't look at people and feared people looking at me. I'm soooo much better now.

My one friend has anxiety. She doesn't have a specific trigger like I do, maybe driving far, and sometimes when she is having anxiety and has to go to a social event it just makes her anxiety more, but not because she has social anxiety.

If you could think of the worst thing that could happen to you and it would be in the catagory of:

hosting a party, going to a party, directing co-workers or staff, eating in front of people, having your picture taken, giving a presentation, going to class, sitting next to someone, just being around people, or just thinking about an up coming social situation and panic sets in, then I'd say you may be a social phobic.

I think what you experienced was general anxiety.

You poor little thing :console: . I wish I could take some of your anxiety away from you to give you a break.



02-16-2006, 06:10 AM
Thanks for the responses ..I have not felt like that ( well that bad anyway) since then which is a result but did not know that it was anxiety at the time so thanks for explaining that one !

Well done to you both for doing as well as you have !