View Full Version : Madness: A Memoir by Kate Richards

12-27-2017, 11:47 PM
I started reading this a few days ago. It’s pretty heavy-going and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone with a psychotic illness (though it might help some).


Here’s a summary:

Madness, a memoir is an insight into what it's like to live with psychosis over a period of ten years, in which bouts of acute illness are interspersed with periods of sanity. The world is beautiful and terrifying and sometimes magical. The sanctity of life is at times precious and at times precarious and always fragile. It's a story of learning to manage illness with courage and creativity, of achieving balance and living well. It is for everyone now living within the world of madness, for everyone touched by this world, and for everyone seeking to further his or her understanding of it, whether you think of madness as a biological illness of the brain or an understandable part of the continuum of the human condition.