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10-18-2016, 06:49 AM
Hi, my name is Emily and I'm looking for advice and hopefully support to get me through this.
I live with my partner and dog in Lancashire.

I was told yesterday I was having panic attacks.
My symptoms are feeling like I'm suffocating whilst doing any exercise that makes my heart rate increase. When I stop and allow my heart rate to slow I can breathe normally again, so pretty much I can control it, if I stop immediately it can last about 30 seconds, if I push myself it can last a minute or two. So don't run up the stairs or dance around my living room then I don't have any attacks, but if I do, just stop what I'm doing and the symptoms immediately stop with the slowing of my heart rate.

I have no other symptoms, I'm generally a happy, confident and was a very active person. This has now been going on for over 18 months where I've ended up become secluded these last 6ish months and now my doc feels I need anti-depressents. I've undergone tests for heart and lungs and the only thing that has come from it is I've developed a heart murmur about 18ish months ago, but as the cardiologist said I'm too young to have anything wrong with my heart. I don't have asthma or any other lung conditions.

I've read up on the symptoms of panic attacks but I have none of these, it sounds a tramatic experience for anyone having them, but when I have mine I'm totally calm and controlled and usually happens when I'm out enjoying myself doing the stuff I love. I've had to give up going to the gym and give up fell walking, I can't even do exercise at home so I'm piling the weight on, which is making me more miserable. I can't even walk down to the shops anymore as I live on a hill and I can't get back up it. I'm not anxious about anything, I've had no life events, I'm told I have calming influences on people around me, I don't get stressed or feel like I can't cope, I'm totally flummoxed at the diagnosis.

I can't find any information about this type of panic attacks that I have online.
Does anyone know where I can find information? Or anyone else have the same symptoms or lack of symptoms as me, I'd love to hear from you? I'm totally fed up and need it to stop so I can back to my life.

Ems x

10-18-2016, 06:13 PM
Hi Emily and welcome :)

So the doctor thinks you're having panic attacks but you don't? And you only get the suffocating feeling when you exercise? I don't know! But I hope someone here can help.

All the best,
Gypsy x

10-18-2016, 08:39 PM
Welcome to the forum. I would consult with another physician, to help you get some answers for your symptoms.

10-18-2016, 09:38 PM
I agree. You need to see another specialist to 100% rule out the issue that your heart murmur is not an issue or there are no other issues. Believe me, you would be surprised at how you may not feel anxious or depressed but that's what's causing a physical issue. I ended up in the emergency room last year and when he told me "you have anxiety" I was sure he was wrong. But I came around and realized he was 100% correct. But I did not feel anxious. In your posts I see some hints that this is psychologically based. The fact that you can no longer walk down to the shops and walk back up the hill seems to mean something is going on.

10-19-2016, 01:34 AM
I don't know. The symptoms are not consistent with anxiety. There is only 1 problem and it's only happening when exercising?

Here's what I think you should do. For 30 days pretend like you have severe anxiety and treat yourself naturally. Drink lots of water and herbal tea. no caffeine, alcohol or sweets. Try and eat as healthy as you can but failing that, at least avoid the "big 3" of caffeine alcohol and sweets. Use anti-anxiety supplements. Theres a ton you can read about in the other forum.

Then after 30 days try your exercise program and see if you notice a decrease in the symptoms. If you do, I think you can conclude it was anxiety all along.

10-19-2016, 06:26 AM
Hi, thank you for your replies.

I think I do need a second opinion.

I can walk down to the shops fine, downhill isnt a problem, walking along the flat isn't a problem, I physically can't walk back up the hill, especially not carry any shopping bags, my heart rate rises as does everyone elses whilts walking up hills carrying shopping, this is when I can't breathe, I stop walking, allow my heart rate to slow I can carry on until my heart rate rises again, so what used to be a ten minute walk up the hill has now turned into a 3/4 hour struggle up the hill, so after months of trying to keep going I don't attempt the hill anymore. I'm not anxious about going to the shops, I'm frustrated I can't walk from the shops. Nothing else in my life is affected, I can drive down to the shops and do all the things that don't involve exerting myself physically but now the group I went walking with have lost all contact, my friends who I went to the gym with go without me and didn't have that much spare time to start with.

I feel how can I have anxiety when I'm not anxious about anything, I've had no life changing events, I don't have this overwhelming feeling of fear and the need to run away or any other symptoms, when this happens I'm calm and stay calm throughout as I know when my heart beat slows I'm instantly fine, as if nothing has happened. My life 18 months ago was exactly where I wanted to be, my goal was to do the Three Peaks (3 mountains), which I thoroughly enjoyed, only to find a month later I was unable to walk up Snowdon (mountain) due to my breathing problems.

I don't drink any caffine or alcohol, I don't smoke, I don't eat much sweets or deserts only if I was eating out, I eat relatively healthy, I'll have a look for anti-anxiety supplements and give them a go, at this point I'm prepared to try anything to get this overwith so I can get back to doing what I enjoy, out in the countryside, walking off the beaten track, across moors and mountains.

Ems x