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09-20-2016, 09:54 PM
Just discovered this forum and interested in connecting with others that have similar problems. I have GAD and Panic Disorder that I've been struggling with for the past 14 years (I'm 32). The anxiety has come in phases:

18 - 20: Really Bad Panic Attacks and Agoraphobia
21 - 23: Minor Anxieties 85% Cured
24 - 25: Almost Daily Anxiety and Panic Attacks, Didn't leave the house much
26 - 29: Slow Improvement, Able to Do Most things but Traveling too far away. Some Panic but not many.
30 - 31: Rapid Improvement and almost 100% Cured as business grew
Present: Panic almost daily but not limiting my life (travel, business, responsibilities)

I'm in therapy once a week and my therapist and he helped me with my rapid improvement. Also my rapid improvement was just bitting the bullet and having issues and not caring. Eventually they kind of went away but recently they are back with pretty strong intensity. Take 40MG Prozac and .5MG Klonopin as needed.

Look forward to beating this with you all!

09-21-2016, 02:54 AM
Hi there and welcome :)

09-21-2016, 06:48 AM
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