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05-18-2016, 03:00 AM
Hello everyone of my anxiety sufferers, just drunk off some beers randomly thought of searching up an anxiety forum. Wanted to share my story and progress. My name is Russell Martinez, I've been dealing with anxiety since I was 17 and now I'm about to be 25. on the 27th.

I got my first anxiety attack at restaurant with my girlfriend at the time. I just stared feeling strange and told her I got to get out of here and even started throwing up as we walked to my house about a mile a half away. Woke up with anxiety attack every morning for the next months. I had been heavily into the punk scene way before; so I felt like my mentality shouldn't even think like this. I knew it was all in my head. You know I didn't give a shit about what people thought; I hated humanity anyways. patched up pants, big green Mohawk. Skinny Mexican kid.

All of sudden I felt, self conscious, scared, vulnerable, almost got to the point I was about to get home schooled. But shit, senior year I was like F..k that, I need to at least finish high school. I went to community college. Took a automotive suspension class with a close friend. Anxiety got the best of me and I dropped out. My Father (a Mexican immigrant) told me in Spanish of course "you can't let this shit control your life and since your not going to go to school your going to have to learn a trade. I am grateful he taught me his trade and That im able to work with my dad. Its definitely an advantage when you have anxiety. It has helped as a therapy. I've had to work and meet with new crew members who I grew close to and opened up my anxiety problem with which they where very understanding.

However I did deal eating in public places or at work in garage with people, man would I stress out about that. I have missed out on some of things in life like close friend's baby showers in sh.t but i have not missed Other Stuff with family envolved. Dating has been diffcult but to cut a looooong story shorter. You just gotta go with the flow....and say... A La Verga!!!...Or Fuck it!!! like we say here in the U.S.A. It could be worse shit. Just try to Chill the fuck out as much as possible you can't control it anyways, find a hobby, like cars, and numerous other things. We'll be dead before we know it life is short live it....im not anywhere I thought I'd be at my age but, fuck it yo. Have fun. Excuse my shitty Grammar I wish you all happy and better lives. We are caring, considerate, humble people. We deserve better. This place is great!!!!!

06-04-2016, 10:25 PM
Me da gusto esuchar tu historia, yo soy del DF y padezco ansiedad desde hace aņo y 6meses tratandome con medicamento y terapia, siento que lo peor ya paso aunque sigo teniendo altibajos a veces, quisiera preguntarte: cuanto tiempo llevas que te has sobrepuesto a la ansiedad? tienes recaidas a veces?, no recurriste a algun medicamento? y de acuerdo en terapia y en libros me han dicho que si hay que dejarlo fluir y que no importe que piensen los demas, saludos.

06-06-2016, 12:35 AM
Disculpe que no se muy bien escribir en espanol
Pues tiene como un ano que me a dado un ataque. Era cuando tenia que subir a un avion. No a tomoda medicamentos desde le primera vez que me diagnosticaron cuando tiena 18, nos Mas los tome Como un mes y madre mi empeso dar teas. Un tiempo no me dava panico. Pero si recaide despues que termine can ima novia desde eso volvio duro pero a mejorado mucho Casi me siento listo para regresar a collego, es que me da miedo que me de un panico en la escula. Y llevo 6 anos con esto.