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03-21-2016, 07:41 PM
Hi everyone... I'm new to this and I hope I'm able to share with you guys what's been going on with me and not feel so alone about it. I've been experiencing so many things lately... From dizziness that doesn't seem to go away. I also have these hot flashes going from my head to feet... Feels like blood rushing down. This in itself scares me so much. I also have this constant worry and can't grasp what it is. I feel so lost and alone.... No one understands me. I've gone into the ER for everything to headaches and warm sensations that first started from my tummy to feet but now head to toe. I'm scared. Idk if I'm dying or what and they can't find it. I've changed doctors they've done blood test, X-rays but I'm scared I might have a head Timor or something. Please help me understand what is going on.

03-24-2016, 02:30 AM
Hey NoriLee. You aren't alone. The fear of dying. all these strange sensations. That deep dark impending doom. I know what you feel. Hot/cold flushing, body tingling, headache, sweating, chest tightness, nausea, dizziness....it goes on and on. I went to the ER, 4 different doctors, a surgeon, x rays, ultrasound, drugs....Don't worry. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. This isn't forever. There are many things that you can do to combat anxiety and panic attacks. Supplements, prayer, meditation and exercise has helped me so very much. Let me know if you want more details. Good luck, and remember, this will make you a stronger person.

03-24-2016, 11:13 PM
Thank you AsHellRetreats, this means a lot to me. I was really skeptical at first with this all, but your advise gives me some comfort. This is super new to me so I'm filled with so much emotion. I hate taking meds but I keep telling myself it's for the best. I am trying to get back into the gym but it's been a rough start for me. I'm hanging on to my faith and learning as I go. I pray everyday with my mother and that calms me down before I go to bed, but I'm not going to lie... I sometimes let my fear take over. One day at a time... That's all I can do. Once again, thank you.

03-25-2016, 03:54 AM
You nailed it on the head. One day at a time. Magnesium is definitely a supplement worth reading up on. It's good to hear you can hang on to your faith. The tricky part is to keep that going when you start feeling better. I've had some nagging anxiety myself the last couple of days. I am in a far better place now than I even was a few months ago. I know it can be hard to get out and do things, especially when the depression starts setting in but try your best to find things to occupy your mind. New things to get excited over. Things that you can think about while falling asleep instead of the fear. For the mild nights I like some calming music and a glass of chamomile tea. Definitely helps to calm me down. I can fall asleep thinking about the newest modification I want to do to my motorcycle or the new guitar I'd like to buy or the latest rifle I have my eye on. But I digress. Google magnesium and anxiety. Also google vitamin D deficiency and anxiety. I've found that a cortisol manager really helps with sleeping. I only rarely need a xanax. I wish you the best of luck. Sorry about the long post. If you need to talk or have other questions or just need reassurances, feel free.