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02-10-2016, 05:24 PM
Hi there!

My name is Kenzie. I have had anxiety since probably middle school, but it gets in my way only during big life changes. Currently I am going through a lot of change. We just moved to our first real house, just outside of the city I grew up in and identify with. I love being up there because it is in the woods with lots of space. We are also getting married in September this year. We are also remodeling the entire house, which makes me VERY excited. I am an almost-architect and can't wait to see my designs come to fruition. I am also taking my final Architectural Registration Exam this month. And we just got a new cat 3 months ago.

I work for a government agency in my home city and love my job. I have great, supportive co-workers.

My parents have been together almost 30 years and live 40 minutes from my new house, and my mom and I work in offices close to each other, so we get to walk together twice a week during lunch, which is wonderful because she has anxiety too and we can talk through our worries. I have 1 younger sister who is married has a 4 year old and the three of them live with my parents. I am a VERY fortunate person, with a generous and loving family and future-in-laws. My Fiancee is the most amazing man ever and I hate to disappoint him.

I can't wait to get some extra support here, and learn options and techniques that could help me. I really don't like my anxiety and want to learn better ways to handle change. I'm currently taking 10 mg citalopram, and wondering if I should have my doctor up my dosage since I'm having some issues currently.

Thanks for listening!

salvator here
02-11-2016, 01:45 AM

Sounds like you have a nice life planned ahead, and congratulations on everything achieved so far and in your bright future. I hope things continue to only get better!

If the depression seems under control, I'd leave the dosage as it is - just opinion of course as I'm no professional. You don't want to feel too medicated with everything going so well and coming your way. I'd try natural ways to deal with the anxiety before I would want to add more medications. Try getting good rest and sleep hygiene.

Hopefully you will find the support here you require.

Take care :)

02-17-2016, 04:40 PM
I would definitely talk to your doctor and get their recommendation before making any decisions. If it's mostly under control, I wouldn't up the dosage. But that's just me.