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02-01-2016, 09:29 PM
Dear all,
You can call me contiki.

Thank goodness I found this forum. I have been into a anxiety medication forum, but things are getting harder, since I just realized that my anxiety (GAD, hypochondria) also panic attack have not been healed yet. In that case, I decided to search a forum to handle a general matter about anxiety and mental difficulties, so I hope I can find many support here.

I have been anxious as long as I remember. My childhood was amazing, except whenever I got a high fever or sickness. I have several panic episode at that time. My doc said that everything is normal except I may have a high anxiety level. Things are getting harder and harder on 2014 when I diagnosed with GAD and panic attack (after general medical checkup). I have been prescribed with psychotic medicine (maybe you know some) and have a difficult time to taper off until now.

When I hit 0 to my medicine, an acute phase come and my panic and anxiety also return. I realized that I may not healed at all. This is very suck. Here, I am seeking for a reassurance and advice from all you guys.

Hopefully we can be a friend, and do not hesitate to chat or contact me to discuss lot and some random matter.

Warm regards,