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01-31-2016, 01:01 AM
I'm repeating myself, but I just can't get over the practicality and efficiency when it comes to learning from Audio Books. I'm not talking about those expensive ones from Audible or having to pay a premium price for narration. Simple Text to Speech apps now on mobile devices, allow users to immerse themselves in whatever topics one has an interest in. From opening up eBooks to simply copying text from any source whatsoever, the options are endless.

Whilst I advocate the process of learning from Audio for Learning difficulties, this method of learning is so effective that the most intelligent of us can retain more information from repeated listening to go along side visually reading.

Creating you own Audio Books could not be simpler.

I am using the following app - for Andoid phones:

Apple may have something to rival it, but rather lacking from what I have seen. Apple = restriction - lack of freedom. The process I am talking about is all about FREEDOM.

With that app then use the record option. The app records process is VERY FAST!!! - I twill flash through the text from Chapter heading and Sub headings. This will result in a number of segmented recordings which I later then entitle appropriately. With eBooks, this will corresponding to the Contents Page. I recorded three hours of text to speech in about 15 minutes flat! Of course it helps if you know what your doing, but the beauty of this share, is that it's SO SIMPLE!!!

Here is three links to a tutorial on the above app:

I'm not selling the app - I am selling the concept so that people can learn for themselves. Unlike those who come into this forum and would demean your worth by selling you short in order to have you hand over your bank details for an ongoing subscription. As for AGENDA - this method will only lead you to define your own, unlike those self help methods that sell their way as "The Way" Then of course, going back to the fact that you can source any text at your own leisure then have it read to you - You can learn anything "without" the false Need for Others.
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I can't read for crap. I fall asleep just watching the lines pass by while driving my car. I'm also no author, that's for sure. My thought patterns are quite spasmodic and when under pressure I struggle to speak. I'm just yet another sufferer among many in this forum struggling to find my own way.

Creating my own Audio books is my new thing - When ever I'm having one of my manic episodes and want to drop one subject and pick up another - I'll just open the play store, spend a few bucks, download my new book, export to my phone and begin the recording process. Sure, I got to export back to my PC - but I then have my own Audio Book - Hours and Hours of learning whilst I am on the go. Whilst out walking, shopping, driving, waiting and or doing whatever. Time is no longer an issue not to educate myself.

For Self Help Topic - this process excels.

Here is just a snap shot of some of the books I have turned into audio books - each one only taking about 20 minutes (once you get the hang of it)

Now if you think text to speech is like listing to a robot - Welcome to 2016 with High Quality Voice downloads now available. To be sure there is slight adjust needed for timing of words, however given the quality of speech now available, it only takes a few sessions whilst on the move for the process to sink in as easily as the subjects one picks.

ATM - I'm into self hypnosis and meditation - There is no way I could take it all in simply by skimming through the books or reading one and thinking I have a hold on the subject. However once I have "read" / Listened to a book with intent several times - I can safely say, I have a good understanding of the subject material I pick up.

Here is a book I am walking with ATM - feel free to suck the MP3 track from it via any online conversion site at your will: [while its still there!!!]
The Audio Track is @ 96kb which is equivalent to an FM stereo broadcast - file size works out to be around 177MB for 3 hours of audio book. Typically I will cycle the book over several + hours of walking before moving onto another take on the same subject ... or until my next manic episode which may require a completely different subject ... back and forth and so on ... whilst others banter about my inexhaustible need (OCD or whatever you want to peg it) - I'm content as a kid that finally shuts up when positioned in front of the telly for his dinner. What's more important, trying to control or the nutrition? To me - information on the topics I research is my TV - my desire to learn and assimilate via Audio Books is my Nutrition.

You tube Link:
Give it a little time to load - 3 hour Book - not the best example, but will do.


I could go on and on about this subject. Using a player that can book mark helps, otherwise keep the files in their chapters. The above one, I strung them all together for an entire book in one go. I simply added a chime between the chapters and yet to add a time stamp within the content. I'll often use along side the books if I want to quickly source out a specific extract. {yet to do}

If you look in the description, Note the Time Stamps I have added thus far will take you to that part of the recording. How awesome is that?
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Anyways - this completes my ramble on how I create and learn from my audio books.

There really is no need this day and age to get sucked into paying ridiculous amounts for narrated books. The text to speech programs are no longer the robots of old - the are new robots and they sound pretty sexy enough for me. ;)

If you have any questions, just post way in here and or PM me. I'd be happy to help.

Additional Notes - I'm just using the standard Samsung Voice Downloads. Also just like when reading, you do have to listen with intent. You can't expect to take in the information whilst focussing on something else. Just as with getting used to the tempo, I am used to focusing on the subject whilst automatically going from A to B. It's another topic in itself. Later perhaps ...

Please do feed back if interested or share your own methods with like wise learning.

01-31-2016, 12:21 PM
I had this very thought just a couple of hours ago.

I'll give this a try tonight. Thanks!

Time to find the sexiest robot voice... lol

01-31-2016, 01:39 PM
the voice and the speed of speech makes me dizzy, I know that, listened it a few times. Very nice

01-31-2016, 02:18 PM
Thankfully there is a pitch adjust as well as an option to change the speed:


More info on TTS:
eLearning Technology

I'm still practising doing my own narration and find learning more about the complexities of TTS improve my own ability to read as well make me better able to tune into TTS. Doing so is also helping me with communication and confidence.

A great tip I find that works well, is moving forward while listening. (otherwise intentionally set your mind to move while one is at rest) I guess my mind naturally ticks in sync with such TTS "self programming." The mind is after all just a thinking machine. If we can learn to adjust the receiver in it, taking in information from TTS becomes a little easier. Another thing that comes to mind, is whilst I lay back, I think of the words ticking over like feet hitting a treadmill and then I'll go deeper in thought with the introduction of terrain that changes the pace to match the words. Alliteration in motion.

Helps to have good head/earphones - remain focused and pick a topic of interest. If unfamiliar with the topic or level of analysis, then the words will be harder to keep up with, and also digest. Reading affords the ability to go back more easily which is why I keep the text on hand for cross referencing later. The more you listen the easier the words become. This is due to both familiarity of voice and topic being discussed.

Another aspect to consider is how many of us require emotion when listening to narration. I found the lack of it with TTS very appealing; especially when learning non fiction.

I actually goto go - that last bit requires a little more explanation, but plays a large role to why I find TTS so attractive. I guess it's not for everyone, however there does seem to be a growing movement to this method of learning, which only means it's set to improve all the more.

Catch up later hey.