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08-10-2008, 11:12 AM
Anxiety Alliance - Helping you to help yourself.

If you suffer from an anxiety disorder, such as general anxiety, phobias, panic attacks or obsessional compulsive disorder, or wish to withdraw from tranquillisers and anti-depressants, then we are here to help, advise and support you.

If you have a family member, or friend who is suffering from any anxiety disorder, then we can support you as well.

Anxiety Alliance is run by former anxiety sufferers, so they fully understand the physical feelings and negative thoughts that sufferers have.

The co-founders have a combined experience of over fifty years helping, advising and supporting both sufferers of anxiety disorders and their family and friends. We offer factsheets, self-help booklets, relaxation audio tapes and CD's. books and both telephone and on-line self-help groups. Together with on-line forums.


0845 2967877

from 10am-10pm everyday

Send an e-mail to our volunteers (see website for more details).

Or you can now text us. Just type ANXIETY and send it to (44) 07786202134. Put ANXIETY on to your contact list so you can text anytime you like.

We are here to help you, don't be afraid or embarrassed all calls and e-mails are strictly confidential.

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