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10-28-2014, 11:37 AM
I feel anxious just stepping into our Master Bedroom.

Whenever I enter there my brother(now age 44), manages to leave a pee mess under the toilet, from the night before.

I can't empathize with a grown adults INABILITY to urinate directly into the toilet.

I mean there is plenty of room for ERROR!!!

Anyhow, this morning I awaken and wandered into the master bedroom restroom,(his bathroom).

Before even stepping into the actual bathroom, the outer bedroom, the smell of "bumm pee" almost knocked me out.

So first I had a Royal Shit Fit.

Then , of course I had to ,"Bite Thy Bullet."

I had to go into the stinky bathroom with my purple foamy cleanser that turns white after ALL the dirty work's been done.

Then I mixed Bleach, could care less about any hazardous fumes from this concoction.

This bathroom Obviously needed a fumigation. So , after the purple spray I Bleach Mopped ALL the bathroom.

ALL the foul, "bumm pee" smell is gone.

But I am Livid with ANGER that I must clean up his lazy a-- mess in there.

He's lazy, and pathetic, and rude.

He was punished for riding his speed bike way too friggen fast on the sidewalk 1 night.

I believe some smart ass tazed his metal speed bike.

Down extra he went quickly, and cracked his big Arrogant, rude a-- head open.

He lay in thy ER and I had to go there just to ID him and bring his darn ID and Med Ins info.

Then the ER refused to even keep him over night for observation, as of course he's only a Medi-Care patient not Private Ins which of course pays more if they keep them overnight for the same situation...

That was the 4shadowing before dad passed away, about 2 yrs ago.

After dad died, I told him that he could use the other RR, as he was always trying to bully me out of my RR whenever I was doing something like brushing teeth or girly stuff like styling my hair.

So, he inherited the other toilet.

Unfortunately, its in the nicest bedroom of the house, and he is now being extra sloppy peeing under the toilet in lieu of into the toilet.

Is this a rude guy thing or WHAT?!?!?!!!

So, I'm not living so happily ever after.

I have taken on a Non-Stop role as the inn keeper.

To my brother it's not his house to be a part of , and have some heart in caring for this old property.

He is so arrogant, and just walks all over the place, dropping litter, and pissing under toilets, and leaving sugar all over the kitchen counters, and his car leaks a fluid on the garage (older) carpet. So, that justifies that its OK, I suppose.....???

Anyhow, I if didn't feel weird and pissed off over his arrogant rudeness, I would probly be out of touch and NOTHING would be done about this putrid mess and the house would just rot away until it was taken over by a new Hermit Crab, I suppose!

Well, RESPONSIBILITY is not easy when I'm the only one.

And it's very difficult not to get upset emotionally over my younger siblings unexcusable bathroom mess.

And NOW whenever I step foot into thy Master Bedroom I fear the smell of putrid urine.

And the catch22 is that I am in charge of the management of this shack so I MUST check the place out daily.....Like a nightmare that never ends.

Perhaps it will self destruct 1 day , and when they re-build it it will have special self cleaning bathroom floors, and self flushing toilets, and Lysol that is odor sensitive and sprays from the bathroom ceiling vents automatically before any odor takes over.And this room will be built separately from the house in a shack a La Cart to our property that he will reside in until the day he self expires, whenever that shall be, only God Knowz???

10-28-2014, 02:00 PM
Hi Blue only you could start a thread about your brother's inability to use the toilet properly that's brilliant!!:). Seriously I do empathize with you he sounds like a right slob and that's all you need when you are living under pressure. Would it be possible to get someone else to talk to him and explain how his grubby ways are making you unhappy and that he needs to have more consideration for your feelings.

Hoping you can get him to get his act together try not and let it get you down too much.


10-28-2014, 04:27 PM
No, no one cares to talk with him. It's just he and i. And I am like No One to HIM!!!

10-29-2014, 01:40 AM
Blue I find it hard to believe that you could be nothing to anyone.

10-29-2014, 05:08 PM
Well you know the saying , "Its a small world after all." Well, my world is even smaller and my circle of close support is even smaller.

11-22-2014, 07:55 PM
Eugh, I'm so sorry! That's beyond disgusting... and I know how you feel. (Almost.) My little brother is only 21, but it's a similar problem. He lives in the basement during the summer and by the time he moves out, everything in his bathroom is coated in black mold. The shower curtains, the base of the bathtub, even the pictures on the wall. He walks through the house with muddy boots on, leaves food downstairs to rot and attract insects, and by the time he left this year, there was an infestation of sprickets. (Yuck!)

Maybe it's a universal problem with little brothers?

I've been tempted to buy one of those targets that you paste onto the toilet bowl to help little boys learn to aim. Maybe it's a wise investment for you too? Give him the hint. ;)