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05-20-2008, 09:45 PM
Sorry about spelling and grammar and how long it is

Hi guys I am 28 year old male in good health. After being out of work for so long like 10 years I finally did get my dream job and lived in Toronto. I was wary happy that I did get the job and I was finally starting to live my life, being independent and all, but it was short lived I did get laid off after 3 weeks. And after few weeks of looking for work and worrying how to survive I head to move in back with my parents, I suddenly started getting muscle twitching all over my body. I seen 1 Gp and they did blood test but all come back fine I was told its Anxiety well I looked for second opinion and I was told same thing after basic nerve test and some strength test. I have ice pick headaches which start around winter time and they suddenly disappear I did see my Neurologist 2 months back about this and he told me its tension headaches I been hawing them for almost 6 years now. But after I was told that I have to see my Neurologist everything got turned upside down I started to worry, after I seen my Nuro every thing was fine for 5 day and out of nowhere I started felling same I thought that visit to nuro would stop this well I thought wrong. I just been felling this strange felling in my head like I will faint my stomach would be upset this cold felling in chest like fear and back side of my neck would be stiff. It comes and goes, it gets to the point where I have to go out side to calm down, I get wary scared I would be walking and it would come out of no where specially if I am working on my computer, I usually place my legs on the desk and my hands on the my head at work until computers does its thing and I would just start getting the attacks or if I sleep in late like if get up at 3 pm I would fell like **** all day. Well I have quit that computer job since I canít handle it any more the felling not the job, I do fell better of I go out side and exercise. And now I get this felling all over my body like some body is pinching me or poking mostly my legs and face and like some body is placing ice cubes on my body cold felling not all over just in spots. Other symptoms I would be lying in my bed at night only at night and my leg or arm would jump, or felling like some body pricks me with needle on the tip of my toe and my leg would jump, same with fingers I would fell like some body ***** me with needle at the top of my finger and I felling would be there and it would go down my finger and would stay there foe 30 min or more. I would get them one in a while not all the time.

Guys I worry so much I am not joking I concentrate on it 24/7 it ruining my life social and at home I donít fell like doing anything and I am wary active as painter sculptor and 3d animator now I just down want to do anything. I am going to see doctor again and see if he can give me another referral to Neuro but this time better 1

Some other facts

1/ I did see my neurologist but I only told him about head pain and twitching he was so fast it was like I was at Macdonald's ordering food, he did standard office test and diagnosed me with Tension headache and send me on my way and told me not to worry.

2/ I did see my eye doctor they did all eye tests they even did something called optic nerve to see it there is swelling or something but all is fine. He gives me proscription glasses for computer.

3/ I donít have muscle weakness I aerobic exercise every day and I lift weights every second day this is the only thing that keeps me from going crazy, I fell like I have to go out side every day and do

4/ Does any of you know any good Neurologists in Ontario, Canada I live in Hamilton close to Toronto but I will travel any where.


05-21-2008, 06:56 PM
johnny..........first of all please calm down :)

You were out of work for 10 yrs?? Sorry, but WERE YOU SICK? Being young and educated why could you not find work? You must elaborate pls.

Uh, now it sounds like because you are back in the same situation (no job and at home with your parents) you probably are feeling crappy, low self esteem etc etc. Girl friends, like where would you take them if you wanted to get intimate? Her place? See, these are all nagging emotions to you and you probably need to get out of your parent's house and take ANY JOB just to get independent. :o

You are a man and have pride. Right? Sure.

So, double check with a neurologist but then if you are fine....take any job, get an apartment.............and start living with a smile on your face.

I'm on your side......I am not pointing my finger at you....but you need a little boost here. :lol:

05-21-2008, 10:52 PM
not sick i was just Fuc&^NG around school from school, i do have good education but you are right low self esteem. well After i read your message that is what i did. i made appointment with Nuro and i do have job but not what i was educated for. But i do get you i tell this to me self every day, but man its hard to motivate your self