View Full Version : Problems online

09-23-2007, 07:28 AM
I upload videos of drawings I do to site on the web, over the past few weeks i've felt like i'm loosing the battle. Nearly everytime I log in theres something bad in my inbox, weather its someone removing themselfs from my friends list or someone blocking me, on both times when I was removed I had'nt even said anything to the people involved and my drawings are rude or anything.

Today I logged in and there was a message in both accounts I have on the site from the same person, saying that my channel sucked. When I logged into my other account there was another message i did'nt even look at it but have to say I replyed to the first with a very angry message.
The person saying these things was a fully grown 26 year old woman which makes it even more sad.

While it seems to noone else on the site seems to even care about whats going on. Everytime I post a message about something thats happened its like i'm talking to a brick wall, noone listens noone pays attention they just carry doing their usually stuff, just noone seems to support me at all, while theres other people on the site who don't seem to even deserve support who just get given in spades with me it just dose'nt seem to happen at all.